The Fendi FFluid is a Shoe For The 21st Century Nonconformists

As cultural attitudes about gender variance have undergone profound shifts, consumers have begun to expect acceptance and equal representation across the board and in every industry… not excluding in fashion and Hollywood.

Coining new terms such as ‘gender fluidity’, ‘agender’ and ‘non-binary’ which refer to both misgendered individuals and those who identify as more than one, society has long passed the time where specific colors, clothing and toys were reserved for one group and not the other.

While not the first to create gender-bending apparel, Fendi’s FFluid sneakers will certainly not be the last. Celebrating the boundaryless nature of millennials, the launch of these genderless sneakers followed the Italian luxury house’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection which featured ‘70s inspired items such as oversized sunglasses, flashy rings, and smooth leather bags with the brand’s iconic double “F” emblem.

Sporting edgy design elements with an arched shape and curved lines, the FFluid sneakers are accentuated by chunky soles, glossy neoprene and a technical mesh top. Incorporating a back zip for closure, the sneakers come in bold color and feature the coordinates (FENDI 41’50’N) of the brand’s headquarters in Rome’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana on the uppers.

Designed for comfort and daily use, the FFluid sneakers offer a boost in height with a subtle 35mm heel and are available on the official Fendi website in white, black, red and pink.