The Enchantingly Sustainable Swanrick Ranch is Back on Sale

International Canadian realtor, Sotheby’s is revered for its multifarious listings of luxury homes and unparalleled service in marketing and customer relations, regardless of the neighborhood or price tag. Amidst the scrolls of enchanting real estate up for grabs, is an iconic Canadian architectural monument spanning 67-acres of oceanfront parcel, on the southern banks of the Vancouver Island – better known as the Swanrick Ranch.

A mere stone’s throw from the British Columbia capital, this modernized ranch features six palatial bedrooms and parking spaces in over 10,700 square-feet of residential area. Built in 2006, the ranch is distinguished by its grand contemporary lines, sustainable make and personal river.

Drawing oceanic water back into an engineering plant through tubes, the walls and floor of the ranch are heated and cooled to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures in an economical and sustainable process.

Cantilevered atop a concrete armature, the ranch remains unobstructed by neighboring trees whilst blending seamlessly into its environment with panoramic views of the 1,400 feet liner private beach shorelines backed by an Olympic Mountain range.

Worth over 12 million, the Swanrick Ranch features a tennis and basketball court, a garage with a hydraulic lift, a caretakers residence, private pool and hot tub, plus eight bathtubs.