The Discovery Project Just Launched Its Brand New Compilation Series Called Discover X: Dubstep 001

The Discovery Project just launched its brand new compilation series called Discover X. The initiative intends to tackle various subgenres of EDM via featured Insomniac brands, starting with Bassrush Records. The series commences with Discover X: Dubstep 001, featuring exciting new names in the bass music realm. The 10-track compilation unearths the sounds of Ahee, Yvng Jalapeño, Jinx & Steller, YKES, Kromuh & SPADES, Zingara & ROYALFLU$H, sebjin, Slang Dogs, AG and VLCN.

Per Insomniac’s website, the “Discovery Project was created to give a voice to emerging artists in the electronic music world. Aimed at cultivating the scene’s untapped talent, the platform strives to bring today’s fresh faces to light through editorial exposure, performance competitions, and a unique artist collective.” Listen here and get a taste for some of the best upcoming dubstep artists!

Discover X: Dubstep 001

Photo via Insomniac Events