The Differences Between Mens and Womens Cowboy Boots

Is there a difference between men and women’s cowboy boots? Well, the differences are many. Typically, women’s cowboy boots come with a narrower heel as well as a taller arch than their men counterparts. Nowadays, cowboy boots are worn by both genders (men and women). However, Cowboy boot makers design boots that are explicit to the individual needs of men and women. Below is a breakdown of the major differences between men and women’s cowboy boots.

Heel & Toe Shape

Modern cowboy boots come in models featuring different heel heights and toe shapes. Of course, these models can be used by both genders. However, others are reserved for women. In most cases, heels measuring about two inches high are the only worm for women. This means that men will have to look for boots with shorter heels. It’s also important to note that women’s cowboy boots can also have shorter heels. Mostly, brands design boots with a variety of toe shapes. However, its women who have access to a wide range of variety. Men are only limited to a few shapes.

Size Differences

The sizing charts are one of the biggest differences when it comes to cowboy boots for men and women. Women have access to boots featuring smaller sized widths than their man counterparts. It’s also important that most brands have explicit size charts for females.

Different Cowboy Boot Designs

Classic Western Boot: As one of the most iconic cowboy boots, classic western boot draws its inspiration from the western culture and can be worn with an array of outfits. Featuring a 1.5 angled heel for keeping the wearer in a saddle—these types of boots are quickly becoming a wardrobe staple for fashion fans. And if you are after a western cowboy boot that has higher heels, then you have a solution in the more traditional western-based riding boots.

These types of boots have a low design—which makes it easy for you to ride and walk around without experiencing any foot pain. Classic western boots have a height of approximately 12 inches plus a shaft. It’s also important to note that western classic cowboy boots don’t have any laces and come with a toe boxy—helping protect those toes of yours during horse riding.

Ropers: Designed as working boots, ropers are an upgrade of their classic western counterparts. In fact, they share similarities with the classic western cowboy boots. During calf roping events, rodeo cowboys usually rides behind the calf aiming to rope it. Here, they are required to constantly get off their horses, run on the rope, and stop the calves from running. The process requires short-heeled boots—a feature common in roper boots. With the ropers, the work of the rodeo cowboys is made easier.

The ropers help them smoothly rope the calves—and are ideal during special competitions as well as shows. Designed based on the western cowboy boots, these boots come with the lowest heights when it comes to heels—measuring less than an inch. Commonly referred to as “the walking heels”, the heels of these ropers make you walk around without much hassle. Usually squared, these heels tend to rest perpendicularly—a feature that helps boost the sole when forming a right-angle.

Moreover, these boots are accessorized with a shaft – which is designed to rest above the ankle. Most ropers are designed with a round toe based shape and a flexible sole – guaranteeing extreme comfort during walking or roping the calf. Other ropers have a lace-up feature that helps support the ankle and help you walk easily.

Stockman: Similar in style to classic based cowboy boots, Stockman boot comes with a hybrid design that fits into the lives of those who don’t frequently get in as well as out of the saddle.

Reasons They Are So Popular

Unlike in the past when cowboy boots were only worn by the west, these boots are finding space in the modern fashion industry. During those times, cowboy boots were explicitly meant for walking. They would allow people to ride comfortably in a saddle without easily slipping. The urban-based cowboy fad in the 1980s and the rising popularity of country music gave these boots an uplift – letting them have a huge fashion purpose than just for practical reasons. Nowadays, if somebody (either a lady or a gentleman) walks past you in cowboy boots, it speaks volume – leaving a lasting impression.

Fit Tips

It’s important to note that cowboy boots exude class and confidence on the side of the wearer. They aren’t that cheap. Therefore, when shopping around for cowboy boots, it’s better to take your time and find boots that exactly fit you. Get boots that fit into your taste and preferences. Of course, it takes time to fit them. But taking your time when choosing your boots can be a nice decision. These are the tips you need:

The ball of your foot: ensure you comfortably stand while wearing your cowboy boots. Do some tinkering. The weight of your body should be distributed in boot feet.

Width: go for boots with the right width. Wear them and look directly to your fit. Do they have the right width?

Heel slippage: Of course, cowboy boots can slide — especially if they are new. So, be patient. Slipping happens because the outside sole is intact and has not been broken. Give them some time and the slipping will end.

The Bottom-Line

Men and women cowboy boots aren’t the same. They differ distinctly. Men cowboy boots are larger and differ in terms of heel and toe shape. On the other hand, women cowboy boots are smaller, have different toe shape, and come in a variety of styles. However, they are designed using similar techniques.

The best part: They are both comfortable, fashionable, durable, and stylish. So, if you have been thinking about embracing this fashion, purchase authentic cowboy boots from a verified supplier. Above all, ensure you get quality boots. Ask friends for referrals, conduct in-depth research, and now your needs. Ascertain the type of bots you want and the outfits you’ll be wearing them with.

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