The Coolest Eyewear Trends Right Now

As Summer arrives and we all prepare to face the heat in style, one sure way to do it is with uber-cool sunglasses. This wardrobe staple not only protects you from the sun but can also dress up any outfit. Consider them a quick slay-definer that adds a little of edge to your attire. As a consequence, they are useful not only in sunny weather but also in chilly weather.

Previously praised only for their sun-protective abilities, sunglasses have now achieved a new status: that of a fashion essential. There’s one to suit your style, whether it’s elegant, nerdy, gorgeous, or edgy. They’re hotter than ever this season, and you shouldn’t miss out on the fun. It’s time to reject the dull practical glasses and embrace the plethora of trends that are just waiting for you to call them.

Check Out The Coolest Eyewear Trends And Unapologetic Fashion


Photo: Juliette Foxx/Instagram

Rectangular sunglasses strike a balance between relaxed and eye-catching. You may think of them as the choice that grabs attention without making an effort. Furthermore, they highlight your face characteristics such as your chin, jawline, and forehead. While you can certainly wear it in neutral tones like black and brow, we recommend you take the color route instead. Why? Because brightly colored glasses are making waves in the fashion world.



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When they stated “go big or go home,” they were referring to the shield sunglasses. This face-framing, edgy item is ideal for the girl who isn’t scared to stand out while being true to herself. They come in a number of varieties, so you may go all out or play it safe while still getting the intended impact.


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With this classic item, you may channel your inner kitty. The cat eye sunglasses have dominated the fashion streets season after season and show no signs of abating. That is to say, you can wear any variety and still be fashionable. With its higher peaks frame and exaggerated angles, this piece is guaranteed to turn heads.



Photo: Chioma Ikokwu/Instagram

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about aviator sunglasses is either a pilot or a police officer. Of course, this variant isn’t limited to the occupations listed above, and any lady may bring them to life in her wardrobe. It’s how you mix them into your wardrobe that makes the difference between a’style star feel’ and a ‘officer vibe.’ Make an informed decision.


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Sometimes all you need is a little drama to show up and show out. Oversized sunglasses are popular this season, and you may discover one that is perfect for you. Whether in traditional black, embellished, or colorful frames, large is perfect for creating a fashion statement while still blocking UV rays and any shade thrown your way.



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The teeny-tiny sunglasses are still around, and they get thinner and better with each season. We’ve been watching fashion-struck as designers push their inventiveness to new heights with this trend since Balenciaga prompted its return in 2016. The little sunglasses create a statement, suit most faces, and are quite fashionable. What’s not to love about this? Wear it low on the bridge of your nose for a street-style look.


Photo: @styled.daisy/Instagram

We have recently seen the revival of numerous fashion decades, including the 1950s and 1960s. The round sunglasses revive the famous look of the 1970s in 2022. In these glasses, you may relive your disco days, especially if you have an oval face.

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