The Chemical Brothers Unveil Mind-Bending Music Video for Latest Single “No Reason”

The Chemical Brothers return to the forefront of the music scene with their latest single, “No Reason,” which seamlessly blends psych rock and electronica to create a truly unique listening experience. This Grammy Award-winning band’s newest offering has been a highlight of their recent live shows and DJ sets, captivating audiences with its cascading melody, heavy acid riff, and hypnotic snare roll.

To accompany this exceptional track, The Chemical Brothers have once again collaborated with their longtime partners, Smith and Lyall, to create a mind-bending music video. Featuring the surreal imagery of a “Neon Marching Band” choreographed and performed by Gecko Theatre, the video is a visual feast that perfectly complements the sonic intensity of the song.

As the first new release since 2021’s “The Darkness That You Fear,” “No Reason” serves as a tantalizing taste of what’s to come from The Chemical Brothers. Currently working on the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2019 album “No Geography,” this band continues to push the boundaries of music and cement their place as true pioneers of the electronica genre.

Photo via Scott Hutchinson for Portola