The Chainsmokers Were Totally Sold On Fyre Festival & Even Wanted To Play It

the chainsmokers

Fyre Festival fooled everybody — the traders, the artists, the followers — even The Chainsmokers. In a brand new interview, the duo reveals they had been absolutely offered on the pageant and even suffered from just a little FOMO after they didn’t get hit as much as play the occasion.

The Chainsmokers divulge heart’s contents to Nova 969 within the video beneath. “They killed it on the marketing,” Andrew Taggart explains. “All they had to do was put on a festival!” Easier mentioned than achieved.

“I was even sold on it,” Alex Pall continues. “I was like you have Bella Hadid, it looked like she was gonna be your best friend if you just bought a ticket!”

Not solely had been The Chainsmokers offered on Fyre, they needed to play it. “I definitely sent a message to my manager and agent when it started rolling before things went south,” Pall says. “Like what’s the deal, are we going to get an offer for this festival?”

Of course, the remainder is historical past. Watch beneath and consider extra by way of Nova 969.

The Chainsmokers Talk Fyre Festival

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