The Chainsmokers: “We’re not even DJing on this upcoming tour”

After years of being abused by the media, The Chainsmokers have become much more selective in who they give their time to. The Zach Sang Show is one that they’ve been to before and have now visited again, and the long-format, unedited interview definitely presents Alex Pall and Drew Taggart in a way not usually depicted.


Throughout the course of the 48-minute interview, a variety of topics get discussed from the Socratic method, to the band’s new live show (yes, I said band), to their new album World War Joy, to their entrepreneurial ventures, and more.

Of particular interest, TCS mention that WWJ is just about halfway done (10:50). They’re constantly working on new tracks — but this also hints that many of the IDs they played at Ultra probably aren’t on the album. They could be putting out a remix album next year, though (19:55). It’s unclear if they’re talking about a traditional remix album in which others remix their songs, or if they’re putting out an album of all their own remixes.

They go on to talk about outside ventures, like scoring a movie, a new live show, a “secret music project” and more (20:20). In addition to founding their own film/production company, they’re also making their own tequila brand now (27:15).

As far as their new live tour with 5SOS coming later this year, The Chainsmokers reveal they’re “not even DJing on this upcoming tour.” Where Drew and Alex are concerned, with the addition of drummer and musical director Matt McGuire, they’re basically a band now (24:05).

“We figured out a way to give people those dance moments but we don’t need to do it off of CDJs,” says Pall.

“It’s in the same way that I wouldn’t consider Odesza, Flume, or Rufus du Sol to be DJs,” adds Taggart. “You’re not using CDJs; we’ll probably run our entire show through Ableton, where we’re queuing stuff, affecting stuff…”

The whole interview is worth a watch and listen. Check it out below!

Photo via via: youredm

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