The Chainsmokers’ “No Hard Feelings” EP: A Masterful Mix of Retro Vibes and Fresh Beats

Taking a step back to 2016, The Chainsmokers return with their new EP, “No Hard Feelings,” seamlessly weaving together their past and future sounds. The hit-making duo’s latest project is a thorough revisit of their roots while pushing into new stylistic territories. With the release of the single “Friday,” fans were set up for a full revival of The Chainsmokers’ signature carefree style—a promise delivered across six tracks that mix the familiar with the unexpected.

Reviving mid-2010s future-pop, “No Hard Feelings” excites with its foundation of robust 808s and expansive, melodic basses. Each track bursts with euphoria and a touch of nostalgia, yet it’s clear The Chainsmokers are not merely looking back.

The EP’s opener, “No Shade at Pitti,” dives into hyperpop with shimmering synths and a pulsating bassline brimming with modern vitality. From the smoky undertones of “Bad Advice” (with Elio) to the emotional resonance of “Green Lights,” The Chainsmokers are carving a familiar path with a clear direction and renewed perspective.