The Chainsmokers Accused Of “Ripping Off” Twenty One Pilots Tour

The Chainsmokers are taking some heat for the similarities between their tour and that of Twenty One Pilots.


Fans of the pop/rock band have gone as far to say the EDM duo is blatantly “ripping off” The Bandito Tour with the World War Joy Tour. Both are massive world tours currently underway.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun launched The Bandito Tour nearly a year ago, in October 2018, and are still selling out shows. Meanwhile, Alex Pall and Drew Taggert launched their highly anticipated World War Joy Tour this past Wednesday.

Since then, a swarm of tweets have surfaced calling out The Chainsmokers for their alleged plagiarism. Comparisons have been drawn between both tours’ use of torch flame and floating stages.

Read some of the tweets below – and see what The Chainsmokers had to say in response at the bottom.

twenty one pilots tickets got sold out? no worries! the chainsmokers are gonna put on a show exactly like the one you wanted

— ghada (@plaincab) September 26, 2019

ok you cannot call THIS just a trend that a lot of bands/ artists are doing. this is a very distinct, UNIQUE, twenty one pilots thing and the chainsmokers are just… ripping it off… jesus christ.

— sara ♡ (@runawaycamino) September 26, 2019

the chainsmokers taking note of how tyler and josh shit so they can bring a toilet on stage light it on fire and call it taco bell saga live

— alexa 24 (@HVYYDRTYSOUL) September 26, 2019

twenty one pilots:

the chainsmokers:

— leanne (@covermejumpsuit) September 26, 2019

@ the chainsmokers, when tyler said “we’re twenty one pilots and so are you” he didn’t mean THIS

— tiz misses tyler and josh ⊬ (@odetokeons) September 26, 2019

good morning to debby ending the chainsmokers’ whole ass career.

— 𝙣𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙡𝙚 ✧ (@0detotrees) September 26, 2019

The Chainsmokers’ response:

we debuted the flares in march 2018 at ultra and have used them at 200+ shows since but sure keep saying we stole it

— THE CHAINSMOKERS (@TheChainsmokers) September 26, 2019

H/T: Pop Buzz via youredm

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