The Casino Dress Code For Both Men And Women

A night at the casino has long been associated with glamour, sophistication and all-round luxury, with a black tie dress code commonly enforced to ensure an impeccable standard amongst all guests. But although the bottles of champagne and high-rolling players are just as much a feature as they once were, dress codes have largely relaxed since their early days, paving the way for a broader customer base, and the ability for gamblers to pop in at a moment’s notice for a spin on the roulette wheel or a speedy round of poker. For those who can’t quite bring themselves to return to the social scene yet after months of lockdowns, then online casinos have come into their own over the past year, too – with players able to place their bets from the comfort of their own home, wearing anything from loungewear to pyjamas.

Online gambling now accounts for more than 38 per cent of the industry’s total GGY, while well over 50 per cent of punters now wager regularly through their smartphones. Live casinos can now also replicate a real life gambling experience in your living room, so there’s less need to head out in search of your favourite table games! But for those who are craving an excuse to get dressed up to the nines, and who prefer to enjoy the casino experience while feeling like a million dollars, bricks-and-mortar venues still offer something special that you can’t quite experience from your sofa. Here, we take a look at the casino dress code for both men and women so if you’re wondering what the right thing to wear is in 2021, then here got all bases covered.

The Casino Dress Code For Women

woman at the casino

For women, a night at the casino has long been an excuse to splurge on a show-stopping new dress and heels, striking the perfect balance between style and elegance whilst remaining relatively modest overall. Nonetheless, the majority of casinos now adopt a relatively relaxed dress code, with a contemporary maxi dress or pencil skirt making for the perfect choice for summer. Whilst short dresses and in some cases, even jeans won’t see you turned away at the door, if you’re looking to exude an air of class then these are best avoided.

In the summer, a floral dress with flatform sandals is just the ticket – and can be easily dressed up with the addition of a few carefully selected pieces of jewellery. Nowadays, most casinos will even accept ballet shoes and flat pumps as footwear, so there’s no real need to wear heels if your feet are aching after a long day of exploring the city or splashing out at the nearest designer boutiques. However, if you do want to don a cocktail dress or create a slightly more glamorous look, then your efforts will be welcomed – opt for classic colours such as black, silver, gold or deep red for maximum impact without going overboard.

The Casino Dress Code For Men

stylish man at the casino

For men, it can sometimes feel slightly more challenging to dress appropriately for the casino, particularly as sportswear and working garments aren’t accepted by most establishments, and trainers on your feet will almost certainly see you turned away. What’s more, those of you who have grown up watching the James Bond movies may feel the need to wear a tuxedo, complete with a waistcoat, when visiting your local casino, but while you’re more than welcome to do so, it is no longer considered the necessity it once was – so much so that you might feel a little overdressed. Smart-casual attire is more than acceptable in most casinos these days, and even a pair of smart, slim-cut jeans can get you through the door. Pair with Oxford-style shoes and a polo or a classic shirt for a laid-back yet presentable look.

If you frequent a higher-end location (or simply want to dress more stylishly for a special night out), you can do so with the simple combination of a crisp button-down shirt and a pair of dark tailored trousers. Once again, smart Oxford-style shoes provide the perfect accent for this look, and to up the style factor even further, you can also don a tie or a semi-formal fitted blazer to complete the aesthetic. As a final tip, don’t be afraid to contrast the shades between your shirt and trousers, in order to craft a slightly more eye-catching look that will really pop! In 2021, rules around avoiding clashing colours and brights are all but a thing of the past – so don’t be afraid to express your personality and get creative with your casino ensemble.

The Bottom Line

As a general rule of thumb, smart casual is the way to go for a night at the casino – but if you feel like getting dressed up to the nines, then go right ahead. While it’s no longer required, it doesn’t mean you can’t go all in, and recreating a classic night at the roulette wheel that James Bond would be proud of can elevate a mediocre evening to one to remember.

Please gamble responsibly – check age restrictions before participating