The Captivating Grooves of Future House in Electric Polar Bears’ ‘Break The Ice’ is an Engaging Party Anthem

Future house duo Electric Polar Bears is engaging the party crowd with their dynamic and eclectic versions of the musically charged single, ‘Break The Ice’. The sound modulations and dynamics of the exponentially expanding future house music scene now have the duo Electric Polar Bears and their engaging plethora of creative musical works. They recently came out with their single, ‘Break The Ice’, and that too in three versions that have set the crowd on a continuous groove of musical unanimity and celebration. The song, originally released as a single was then made into an exciting video reflecting its jive and energy to the fullest. The remixed version saw a blissful collaboration of the duo with fellow artists Freshcobar and Lavelle Dupree that further broadened the success and audience popularity.

The sound dynamics of the Electric Polar Bears are in sync with the tunes of progressive EDM in a musical symbiosis with eccentric future and tech house. As a result of such an extensive creative range, the duo’s success with ‘Break The Ice’ opened the gates for many opportunities. They know the sorcery of setting a big room or pool deck into a celebratory fest with their musical individuality and energy. The song has been instrumental in making their soundscape into an inclusive format of musical pursuits. Follow them on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for more such surprises.

EPB – Break the Ice (Official Music Video)

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