The Bored Ape Yacht Club Is Expanding Into A New Business

Image: Superplastic

Bored Ape Yacht Club has established itself as a dominant power in the web3 world. The extremely successful NFT project published a series of highly sought-after vinyl art toys last week. In the world of beauty, a cooperation between two BAYC NFT owners and Glamour Dolls will be released this week.


Bored Ape Yacht Club from Yuga Labs and Superplastic, the world’s leading developer of animated celebrities, vinyl toys, and digital collectibles, have collaborated on a line of vinyl art toys. The ‘SuperBored’ vinyl souvenirs, which are 13-inch in size and cost US$222, include five caricatures from the BAYC universe. The timed open edition drop on Superplastic‘s website began on April 14 at 1 p.m. ET and is now completely sold out.

Special versions were produced for BAYC and Superplastic NFT holders. ‘BAYC Curtis’ was only available for 15 minutes to BAYC NFT holders; ‘Superplastic Skipper’ was only available to Superplastic Cryptojankyz & Headtripz NFT holders; ‘MAYC Curtis’ was only available to MAYC NFT holders; and ‘Public Curtis’ and ‘Public Skipper’ were only available to the general public.

“We already possessed an Ape and utilized it as a basis for the first toy, and the BAYC team collaborated with us on concepts, drawings, and narrative development,” Paul Budnitz, founder and CEO of Superplastic, told Hypebeast. Everything came together quickly, and like most things in the NFT & web3 environment, it’s been a crazy trip.”

Both businesses, according to Budnitz, “are about fashion, art, and telling stories,” which led to an organic collaboration as they pushed traditional creative limits and pioneered new ways of doing things. With Janky and Guiggimon avatars playable in the online game ‘Fortnite,’ Superplastic is now ruling the virtual celebrity field. J Balvin, Paris Hilton, Christie’s, and Gucci are among the company’s clients.

Meanwhile, Yuga Labs CEO Nicole Muniz stated that the partnership “shows that NFTs are not just about digital art or music, but also a method to enter and participate in new markets and economies.”

Bored Ape NFTs X Glamour Dolls

BAYC NFT’s founders have also joined with indie beauty company Glamour Dolls for a series of hair and skincare products, in an unexpected yet enticing crossover. Bored Ape #8240 and Bored Ape #772 are part of the new Glamour Dolls Flower line, which includes face creams, body mousse, and massage candles.

Last year, creative director Pinar Lacroix approached Glamour Dolls CEO Peter Georgotas about the thriving NFT world and its possibilities. “She saw the potential long before anyone else did, and she thought partnering with a beauty brand would be a great way to bring more women and non-binary people into the space,” Georgotas told Highsnobiety.

More BAYC NFT faces are expected in the near future, according to Glamour Dolls. As NFT owners begin to profit from their blockchain purchases, this crossover brings additional web3 concepts to the table for brands across all sectors. On April 17, the Bored-beauty collaboration will go on pre-sale at Each product will be limited to 10,000 pieces and released in phases over the following four months.