The best quotes from the upper plateau 2018

Folks, 2018 was – well, you know … the technical term is a year. And during this 365-day trek around the sun, ITG has learned that the key to surviving summer is to sweat it in its own human-sized burrito; this double purification could have a triple meaning; and most of Glossier HQ is on Brilliantine (perpetual luster behind the copier, the living room, wherever you look).

Also in 2018: no less than 80 ladies and gentlemen shared their Top Shelves and After Darks on this blog. We are talking about Naomi Watts, Lindsay Peoples Wagner and the wizard of the face Melanie Simon. All were wonderful, of course, but a few small phrases really sounded. Those who made us laugh, no matter how many times we read them, those who made us feel good, those who left a lasting impression. And in the hope that you may also enjoy it, we have all gathered them below for your enjoyment. The top shelf will resume next week, but until then, read the article from …

"I really want to play my sex appeal because I've never felt as sexy as I am now, I've also worked very hard in my modeling career, and if someone dress like a mega hoe, that's me darling. "

"I think it was not until I was 40 that I really felt comfortable with myself, it takes time, I've been getting ready for a long time to be old, so I think when I've been 45 years old, I'm in my head, I'm going to be 50. If you're getting ready to age, you're a lot easier to get old. "

"I'm really glad that the beauty industry is as inclusive as it is today. It's really encouraging. When I was growing up in London, I went to Boots and they had nothing for me.I did not think people understood how much it was discouraging, I'm glad that a young generation of women of color can actually see themselves in beauty ads Think about diversity, and in terms of different ambassadors, I can really see change, good advertising is cool, and I accept it, but word of mouth is better. That 's how all my friends do not buy anything until someone else tells them, that' s the trend I see in so many other places. Other people, it refers to the fact that beauty is a much more democratic process, and then, when you find something that you like, it's not $ 2,000. It's a small investment, and it's so much fun. "[1 9459002]

"I was like, let me see what will happen if I wear less makeup.Let me see what will happen if I spend 30 days without makeup.And then, what would it look like- When I start to introduce makeup to my skin I feel good with the spots, if they show, because I know they're healing, I'm working on it.And it was also just a nice reminder that I'm fine. "

"I totally believe in the slogan" all in moderation ", even moderate in moderation.I love food, I certainly do not count calories, I do not believe in diets or that kind of things I believe in how things are bought, but I'm not fanatical – I love to eat at the restaurant.I think you have to have a balanced life.I buy organic products when i can at home. , but I'm not obsessed with that, I want to live a happy life, and food is such a vehicle for me, I'm not a bar, a smoothie, or a person who drinks, I want to eat my feelings, really big. "

"But I just want [beauty] to be an open conversation, it's really a spectator thing, and it's so subjective, like the Olympics, do I think Evgenia Medvedeva should have won?" But many people think that Alina [Zagitova] should have won, and she did, and that's fine, they are both charming. I want to say about beauty – that I really want to talk about figure skating. [Laughs] Beauty and grooming should be those beautiful bursts of wind under your wings so you can understand how you feel a little bit more cute and you look in the mirror and get these endorphins and be like, "I feel good!" "

"Loving beauty does not mean you're superficial, you can do both absolutely, there's a kind of sexist narrative that looks like: Oh, she cares about her appearance, so she does not care about these other problems continue. "I do not buy that."

"Before I was 30 years old, I lived like that, I drank as much as I wanted, I forgot to wash my face and I never hydrated, but recently I joined the cult of P50 It's crazy! … The best thing about P50, it's that it's almost completely got rid of my mild rosacea. And I've got the skin Dry, so it always seemed really dull because I washed my face and moisturized without getting rid of the dead skin.This is the only thing that I use regularly, because that has me makes God fear to have to use it every day to get results. "

"Skin care centers me, every morning and every night I take the time to get out all my serums, my lotions and my eye cream, I do not know what would happen to my skin if I do not I'm really proud to use contact lens containers for different things during my trip: you have to make two white caps for cosmetics, then green and white when there are contacts, I have a system set, do not worry about that. "

"When I get ready, the first thing I do is lock my door – person is allowed to come in. I will smoke, light a candle and ride my real crime podcast – always. this time, my favorites are Generation Why and The Slow Burn, I have an outfit for everything, I say to myself "Golf? You have. Duty of the jury? You have. "Then I'll take out my outfit, and then I'll do my makeup."

"The most important thing about my diet is that I wear Texas Cedarwood essential oil in my hair and put it in my hair and neck. For women, you have to be something with pheromones, because I will kiss someone and they will be like, What are you wearing, what is this smell? "It's been crazy! I'm not going to say where I get it. I'm just joking, it's from Whole Foods."

"The best way to simulate smooth skin is, in my opinion, a silicone-based primer, Dr. Brandt Pores No More is an oil-based primer that has that effect where, rather than becoming greasy in my t-zone, that's not what's happening, but I notice that my whole face is getting wet, instead of only partially, and then I'm using Tatcha silk cloth primer for all the pores that have not been successfully covered by the previous one.I could really stop there.I actually think that more and more people should try to use smoothing primers alone because once you create a smoother surface, you do not need a lot of coverage. "

"As children, we learned to brush our teeth properly, but in reality they should also do it for skin care.The skin is the largest organ of the body, and the people see it as a luxury – they are it is hoped that more and more people will protect themselves with the right products and tools. "

"If I have an event in which I want to add a little more regularity to my skin, I love Body Blur, Ashley Graham told me about it." We organized a show together and I thought, "Why are you shining? My legs look like a fifth grade student who has just completed the football training. And she said, "Because your body is not blurry. You need it in your life. ""

"We're all doing this to ourselves – you know, you'll be like" I look really big today, "or something like that. say that, you just spoke about it in your being, and you "If you have a performance goal, you invest more. You could say, "I really want to feel good when I do this" or "I want to be able to make more representations of this," or "I want to be able to achieve something. "You're always going to improve aesthetically – it's all happening at the same time, but if you're too invested in the aesthetic thing, you often feel disappointed, because you determine it based on something that changes every day. Flowing air -y some days, we all look more bloated on certain days.Sometimes the days when you look leaner are after you had a great evening out – it n & # 39; There is no way to make sense. "

"If you have an escape, you need a very good corrector.The worst for me is if I'm going to make it appear and it's not ready and that it's not coming out .I'm like, 'Oh no' I should have left it! 'It's so bloated. I think I'm starting to better judge if it's going to come or No. Then I'll put some translucent powder on the spot, then the base on it, then it's locked in. When you put the concealer, there's something to diffuse. you put a concealer on it, it has a definite advantage, whereas when there is something underneath, there is something to mix. "

"I'm a night owl, so I do not go in. I have to do things to relax.I just got a heavy blanket.It's like a 10-pound blanket with sand, and I sleep with it on me because it makes me sleep.In the middle of the night, sometimes, I say to myself: "Oh my god, I can not move", but it really helps. "

"I went to see my dermatologist once and thought," Hi, I want Botox. And he replied, "I do not do Botox, I think it's disgusting. You need a foolish dermatologist, I am a health professional. "I said to myself," Okay … ", so I went to see a" foolish dermatologist "who was not a fool at all and she gave me my Botox. I was there, I told myself: "By the way, this mole was constantly bleeding, and my other doctor told me that it was fine, but that it bored me. And she said, "It's weird. Did you tell him it was bleeding? "And me too, but he said that I was hysterical, it 'sa super sexist word, I do not think he would have told a man. She removed it and it was a melanoma.It had spread in my area of ​​the groins.I was at Sloane Kettering a week later.It was a shitty show. I was wondering, "What if I did not have Botox?" She said, "You'd be dead in four years." "

"I think the word anti-aging is not so positive because it encourages a negative way of looking at oneself.For me, it's a sad way to start the day. [Laughs] I would prefer something positive … for example, the cream that I use helps my skin to feel more elastic, more nourished, and I put red on the lips because it gives me a feeling of joy. For me, the definition of mirage and sophistication is that feeling of joy, translate into a joyous act rather than being ashamed of oneself and using cosmetics to hide. I do not really dream to stay young – I'm not young, I want to celebrate who I am, I'm not afraid to grow old, I think it's a stereotype about women, that must change. "

"I do not use coconut oil, it dries, it's not good for the hair, everyone lied!"

"I always use, always, gauze – gauze is my number one, I can not live without a staple." The reason I love gauze is that it's a good thing. it sinks the product into your skin instead of stealing it, and I love it too People will come all the time to get treatment and tell me, "My skin is totally clean." Of course, I review them, show them the gauze and show them how dirty it is. "

"I tend to wear mascara only when I have to work because my eyes are sensitive, but my eyelashes and my eyebrows are tinged.This is happening since I was a kid, because my eyes can disappear s & d They do not make eyelashes. I have black eyelashes and brown eyebrows. I really went on movies where they say, "We want to brighten the eyebrows" and I say, "No, I will not do it." For anyone! "Because I saw my mother in the '60s and 70, and they never came back, I'm proud of my eyebrows. "

"Fuck that, fuck the body, that's pretty much the face."

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