The Best Office Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Choosing an outfit for your company’s holiday party can leave you in a dilemma. You want to look professional, but at the same time, you want to showcase your fashion sense. It’s common for workplaces to hold holiday and work parties. While some of these are casual parties during the workday, others are more elaborate events held after working hours. As the party day approaches, you start contemplating what to wear since it’s not just another day at the office. If you are looking for fashion inspiration suitable for both the office and a party, this article is for you.

5 Best Party Outfits For Men

Choosing your outfit for an office party can be an exhausting task. You want to ensure your clothing stands out from your typical 9 to 5 attire. To help you get your A-game on and look stylish as ever, we have put together a list of excellent recommendations.

Office Christmas Party Film

Office Christmas Party Film

#1: Black Tie

A formal outfit is arguably the easiest one to pick, but it can be expensive. To be honest, not everyone has a tuxedo lying around in their wardrobe. Ever seen Casino Royale? We sure hope you have. In the film, Daniel Craig, the actor who plays the role of James Bond wears a fine black tuxedo (i.e. the Dinner Jacket). You could opt for a similar black or a navy version of that with grosgrain or satin lapels, paired with a bow tie, dress shirt, waistcoat, pocket square, and dress shoes, without leaving out your stunning tie pin and cufflinks!

#2: Creative Black Tie

The creative black tie attire does not necessarily mean you need to put on a full tux. Instead, choose a 3-piece suit with a pocket square and a smart tie, and you will look like you’re all dressed up to the nines, minus the expensive price tag, of course. And the best part is, you get to wear the suit’s individual pieces again!

Suits TV Series

Suits TV Series

#3: Semi-Formal

With this dress code, you can have a more stylish take on the standard 2-piece suit. You aren’t required to put on a matching shirt and trousers. Instead, consider tailoring separates (e.g. a pair of chinos with a cool blazer). You could also opt for a velvet jacket in a maroon hue to add some statement. Furthermore, you can try velvet shoes to match your entire outfit.

#4: Festive Attire

Let’s talk about real business. If you are given a certain festive theme, never go full Santa. Instead, opt for something more comfortable and add a little sparkle to your clothing. This may as well be a maroon tie and shoes or a Fair Isle jumper. Alternatively, you could jazz up the outfit with accessories, such as stylish cufflinks, or a Christmassy pocket square. Christmas is a great time for men to embrace fashion. Consider upping your festive style game by choosing some fancy Christmas outfits. For example, sweaters, scarves, and overcoats in various patterns but complementary colours are a perfect way to dress your best this holiday season. Also, if you’re taking pictures with your office romance, you will want to look for outfits that complement one another. For instance, if one of you wears a seasonal pattern or colours, the other may wear something warm and neutral so that neither of your outfits appears too busy in photos. Keep in mind, though; when it comes to Christmas party outfits, comfort is always key.

Mad Men TV Series

Mad Men TV Series

#5: Smart Casual

This dress code can be challenging to master, especially for those used to wearing a suit 24/7. For a more casual look, you can pair straight fit jeans with a wool blazer and an open shirt. If you aren’t a fan of blazers, however, you can try a smart jumper/cardigan on top of your shirt. This will give you that stylish casual look you desire.

Men’s Accessories

At an office party, you will want to keep it simple. Consider a watch without a lot of bling on it to rock that sophisticated look. Other accessories may not seem necessary but can have a negative impression if neglected, so choose your belts and socks wisely:

Belts: When the belt colour matches the colour of your shoes, you look perfect. Belts are an excellent way to add a bit of style to your attire. Therefore, opt for one that compliments your overall outfit. You can also choose one that stands out. To make sure to get every belt loop.

The Office TV Series

The Office TV Series

Socks: Do not neglect as they will be noticed. Gone are the days when people would match socks to their trousers, especially for office parties. If you’re still old fashioned, standard grey, black, etc. colours are totally acceptable, as long as you choose your sock colour a shade lighter or darker than your trousers. Colours and patterns show off your personality. Consider a colour from your attire somewhere in the pattern of your socks. Just be comfortable and have confidence while rocking them.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, your goal for dressing for an office holiday party is to keep your look professional while also combining different ways to showcase your style and have fun. For example, accessories like a nice pair of shoes can add more personality to your appearance than you think. It’s all about you feeling comfortable while rocking a stunning outfit. Remember, a holiday party is one reasonable excuse to get rid of your boring every-day clothes and wear something unique. Take advantage of that and ensure you are the centre of attention (for the right reasons) at the party.