The Best Men’s Hard Part Haircuts

It is all too easy to become stale with a favorite hairstyle. A style that doesn’t raise too many eyebrows and doesn’t necessitate frequent trips to the barbershop, or even one that falls into place without the use of a brush. If you’re ready to take the plunge and spice things up in the hair department, ask your barber for a hard-part hairstyle the next time you visit him.

A hard part can be easily added to almost any hairstyle. The haircut is designed to emphasize a prominent hair part by shaving it in place with a razor. Choosing this style allows you to update your favorite hairstyle by adding a new layer of polish to it. If you’re looking for a new men’s hairstyle, check out these brilliant ways to incorporate a hard part haircut into your next cut.

Military Haircut With A Hard Part

This look is no longer limited to servicemen; many men now seek a polished and put-together appearance. According to military standards, the hard part does not exceed 4-inches in length and usually progresses to a skin fade.

Military Hard Part Haircut

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Haircut With A Short Hard Part

Why not? Many men prefer a short haircut for the majority of their lives. It’s simple, tidy, and unassuming. The only drawback is that it is tedious. The sharp accent provided by a hard part could be the revitalization your short hair requires.

Short Hard Part Haircut

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Haircut With A Fade Hard Part

A hard part with a fade is one of the most popular men’s haircuts and has been a style staple for over a decade. A sharp hard part that fades down is classic, modern, and will leave you looking polished and chic.

Hard Part Fade Haircut

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High And Tight With Hard Part

A high and tight sits on top of the head, with a quick skin fade on the back and sides. This cropped look is edgy, and the hard part draws attention to the face with a harsh contrast.

High and Tight with Hard Part

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Hard Part With Line Up

There is no room for error with this look, which is all about angles and lines. A line-up or edge-up is a hairstyle that cuts the natural hairline at a sharp 90-degree angle. Add a hard part to the cut to amp it up even more. Remember that this look will require a lot of maintenance, so unless you’re willing to become best friends with your barber, this might not be the haircut for you.

Hard Part with Line Up

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Short Side And Hard Part with Razor

This side part sits on the temple, easily achieved with a razor for a close-to-the-head crop. It is an expert-level cut and works well with coarse, short hair.  

Short Side and Hard Part with Razor

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Hard Part With Crew Cut

A crew cut is both simple and classic. Backs that are tapered and longer at the top, but not so long that they draw attention from others. But maybe it’s time to pay a little more attention to your crew cut? To make your hard part more modern, try adding an angle to it.

Hard Part with Crew Cut

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Asymmetrical Hard Part

If you have tried and tested a hard part and want to try something offbeat, this is perfect for you. Having your hard part curve towards the center of your head instead of straight towards the front is a fun way to ass variety to this look.

Asymmetrical Hard Part

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Hard Part And Comb Over

A comb-over is unmistakably a gentleman’s haircut, but it can be easily updated. Adding a hard part to a comb-over does not change the tone of the style, but rather brings it into the twenty-first century.

Hard Part and Comb Over

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Hard Part And High Fade

A sharp hard part that tapers rapidly towards the ears is an improvement over a standard fade. Bringing the fade closer to the part creates a rounded-off look while maintaining an edge.

Hard Part and High Fade

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Pompadour’s Subtle Hard Part

Hard parts are an eye-catching hairstyle that is not for the faint of heart. Obtaining a subtle, difficult part allows you to ease into the style and test the waters first. A pompadour style on top reduces the drama while keeping everything sleek. It works especially well if you have a prominent hairline.

Subtle Hard Part with Pompadour

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Hard Part For Curly Hair

This is not a hairstyle for the faint of heart, and you should only try it if you know how to manage your curls. Including a hard part in your cut is an excellent way to add refinement to potentially unruly hair.

Hard Part for Curly Hair

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Kennedy Cut With Hard Part

A Kennedy cut combines many different elements. It is shorter than a quiff and has a softer fade on the sides. You will recall, however, that President Kennedy always wore his signature side part. After 60 years, you can still wear this iconic cut, but with a hard part instead.

Kennedy Cut with Hard Part

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Haircut With A Hard Part For Disconnection

A hard part is a perfect way to create disconnection in your hairstyle. Disconnection is an abrupt parting between textured hair and a skin fade, best achieved by using a hard part. 

Hard Part Haircut with Disconnection

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Haircut With A Wavy Hard Part

Wavy hair has a distinct personality and should not be left alone. Bring your wavy hair into line with a hard part haircut without losing the texture.

Wavy Hard Part Haircut

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Gentleman’s Cut With Hard Part

Imagine what it can do for you if this haircut can make Colin Ferrel look half put together and dapper. Medium to short sides with a comb-over or side part paired with tons of product. This looks best on thick hair and is made even more gentlemanly by the use of a hard part.

Gentleman's Cut with Hard Part

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Hard Part With Buzz Cut

Hard parts aren’t just for guys with longer hair. To give your hair a much-needed update, you can easily add a sleek hard part haircut to your effortless buzz cut.

Hard Part with Buzz Cut

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Skin Fade On The Back With A Hard Part

If you’re a fan of the “just ran my fingers through my hair” look, try a pushed-back style with a skin fade. A hard part haircut with the side faded between the longer pushed back hair helps to give the illusion that your hair is lifted.

Pushed Back Skin Fade with Hard Part

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Fade Taper With Hard Part

A good taper fade or mid fade haircut is a man’s best friend. If you’re trying to grow out your hair, this is one of the best styles to ensure an even grow-out.

Taper Fade with Hard Part

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Hard Part For Straight Hair

Straight hair almost begs for a hard part. A good razored part takes your straight hair and guides it in a specific direction (other than down).

Hard Part for Straight Hair

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Hard Part With Quiff

A quiff is a striking style that features the longer top hair styled backward, adding texture and volume. Adding a hard part to your quiff will elevate and distinguish it.

Hard Part with Quiff

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Hard Part With Undercut

An undercut may appear to be quite defined on its own, but getting a hard part haircut razored in will give you just the edge you require. It also aids in controlling the styling direction of your hair and simply draws attention to the parting.

Hard Part with Undercut

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Hard Part For Tight Curls 

Creating a hard part haircut with a razor on tight-curled hair adds definition to the transition. The hard part haircut is paired with a dramatic fade onto the skin over the ears and looks great with a Mohawk style on top.

Hard Part with Tight Curls

Hard Part With Beard

A beard and a hard part complement each other like butter and popcorn. Hairstyles for the hard part can vary, but a well-kept coif and beard serve clean lines and strong angles.

Hard Part with Beard

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Disconnected Undercut Hard Part

A disconnected undercut is more noticeable than a connected undercut and does not have as much of a fade as the latter. A hard part haircut complements this cut well because it heightens the impact of the disconnected cut.

Hard Part with Disconnected Undercut

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Forward Swept Haircut With Hard Part

For an ultra-modern look, sweep medium-length hair forward with a healthy amount of product. By adding a hard part for shape and definition, you can avoid having a bowl-cut look.

Forward Swept Haircut with Hard Part

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Haircut With A Hard Part And A Low Fade

A low fade begins just above the ear and is ideal if you don’t want to commit to much maintenance. Your hard part can either stay at the top of your head for a side part or migrate south for a striking line an inch or so above the ear.

Hard Part Haircut with Low Fade

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Haircut With A Hard Part And A Man Bun

With a messy man bun, a fierce undercut, and a striking hard part, you’ll be the envy of every man in the room. Getting a part cut between your long locks and tapered sides brings out the best in your man bun.

Hard Part Haircut, Man Bun

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Men’s Hard Cut Hairstyle FAQ:

What is a hard part haircut?

A distinct shaved line at the side of one’s head, typically created with a straight razor, separates two hair lengths. This can be added to any hairstyle and placed in various locations around the head.

Hard part haircut vs soft part?

The hard parts of your hair are shaved into place to give you a defined style, while the soft parts are combed or brushed. A soft part provides much less definition.

How to maintain a hard part haircut?

Your hard part will look best the first few days out of the chair. You will need to get familiar with your razor or clippers at home if you want to maintain it yourself, but a fortnightly visit to your barber will do the trick. A hard part is not for a man looking for a wash-and-go, low-maintenance style. But the payoff for your dedication is unmatched style and class.

What haircut goes with a hard part haircut?

A hard part can elevate almost any hairstyle to the next level. A hard part will never look out of place in any hairstyle, from a few millimeters long to a full-blown man bun. You and your barber should take the time to assess the situation and figure out how to implement it to complement your preferred style.

How to get a hard part haircut?

First thing’s first: leave it to the professionals. A bad hard part is challenging to hide, so if you are a first-timer, you will want a professional to take you on this journey. They will section your hair and then use a razor to cut the part. The hair around the part is then trimmed to emphasize it even more.

How to get rid of a hard part haircut?

Time, as they say, heals all wounds and hard parts. A hard part in short hair can be grown out in a matter of days or weeks, but long hair is more difficult. You will have an awkward length of hair on your part, and the track of the hard part will continue to force your hair in a direction. It would be beneficial if you collaborated with your barber to develop transitional styles that incorporate the various hair lengths while you try to grow out your hard part.