The Best Makeup Brushes

Brushes are the most important thing when you’re doing your makeup. You can have the most expensive and fancy palette but if you don’t have the right brushes to apply it with, that will make or break your make up look. To that end, we rounded up best makeup brushes for novices and pros, for those on and off a budget, and for every conceivable thing you’d need them for. So, while it might be tempting to take the easy way out and smudge eyeshadow on directly with your fingers, you’ll be able to take pride in knowing you’ve got the inside scoop for the best makeup brushes from the experts themselves.


Here begins the list of some of the best makeup brushes in the market which are easily accessible and are in a very reasonable range.

Wet N Wild Pro Brushes

These brushes come in an affordable price range of $5.99-$7.99 Wet N Wild Pro Brushes. Ultra-soft densely packed white synthetic bristles for precise application of cream and powder cosmetics for the face and body. This handle features beautiful peach crystals so you can shine and sparkle throughout your makeup routine. The actual bristles are so soft so they are not scratchy. They don’t hurt your eyes or skin when you’re applying the product. They blend the product under your skin so whether you’re using eye brushes or face brushes. These hold their shape very nicely even after a wash. 

MAC 224

It is a long, fluffy brush with a dome-shaped tip designed for assisting you with blending out the color. It can also be used to deposit color more subtly for those who need a softer application. The fluffiness of this brush also makes it good for applying creamier products, like concealer, in hard to reach places (e.g. around the nose). The 224 is one of those brushes that many people swear by, and others will say they prefer another brush (e.g. the 222). MAC 224 will certainly help you out with blending if that’s ever been a problem for you!

E.L.F Beautifully Precise Brushes

These brushes can be bought separately at a price range of $5-$12 E.L.F Brushes. They are very elegant and beautifully made. They certainly do have certain step-ups from the other brushes in the market. Long haired pointed brush is perfect for putting highlighter on. The shorter-haired wide brush is perfect for contouring. The sturdy, tapered point on this brush makes it perfect for applying eyeliner and lip liner, plus any touch-ups.

Morphe M439

Morphe M439 comes with a fat matte black handle with a chrome-plated head to hold the bristles. The brush bristles are synthetic but still feel soft against the skin. The brush is sturdy and gives good control to buffer the foundation. Morphe M439 is a kabuki brush in which the bristles are short, flat and stiff. The bristles are densely packed, hence help in applying the foundation flawlessly. And there is no product wastage, unlike Beauty Blender. It does not have any scratchy feel and blends well with the product. You can also use this brush in a circular motion and for sheer to heavy coverage by layering up the foundation.

Hakuhodo Kokutan Blush Brush S

Hakuhodo Kokutan Blush Brush S (model no. H2282) has a narrow elongated head that blends blue squirrel hair with synthetic fibers, to achieve the ultimate softness. It feels heavenly on the skin, making blush application an extra nice experience. Kokutan brushes are wonderfully luxurious, from the elegant ebony handles to the silky touch and they perform beautifully. It’s also wonderful with mellow blushes that you want to gradually build up; the brush’s softness allows you to work on it without stressing out the skin (especially important if you’re sensitive and your cheeks turn red when you apply makeup, then lose that redness only to reveal that you applied less blush than is good for you). Once you’ve tried Hakuhodo brushes there is nothing better as they are super soft and handcrafted to perfection. They do not shed with time and stay in shape for ages. Another good thing about Hakuhodo is that they are cruelty-free and do not kill animals to obtain fur that they use 

Here ends the list of best makeup brushes in the market.