The Best Fitness And Wellness Trips To Refresh Yourself

According to an American Express survey on global travel trends, 78% of respondents want to travel to improve their health and relieve stress. With an increase in the number of fitness and wellness trips opening around the world — from rainforest adventures to tropical vacations — it’s clear that the travel industry is ready. Those in need of a mental and physical reset can definitely indulge in one of the trips on our list.

Check Out These Fitness And Wellness Trips to Refresh Yourself

Rainforest Retreat


Photo: Kai-Chieh Chan | Pexels

When you hear the phrase “rainforest retreat,” you immediately envision sweeping treetop canopies. Though being in nature is healing in and of itself, resorts have begun to incorporate a more holistic approach to their luxurious wellness offerings. THE WELL at Hacienda AltaGracia, for example, offers a blend of eastern and western therapies such as craniosacral facials, immersive riverside meditation, and lunar-going baths. Those looking for more than just treatments can go on guided excursions to explore the rainforest and wildlife. As The WELL shows, there is an endless stream of activities and adventures that promote relaxation in rainforest retreats — and, of course, the lush setting doesn’t hurt either.

Digital Detox

Most of the time, we ignore daily stresses until they start to pile up and burn us out. You may feel the need to simply disconnect at that point. There are hotels and resorts that will allow you to do so. Willka T’ika, located in Peru and surrounded by the vast Andes mountains, is one such hotel. Willka T’ika places a premium on recharging their guests’ batteries, which is especially evident in their recently launched seven-day Essential Wellness program. Each day includes Andes healing ceremonies, farm-to-table meals, immunity-boosting teas, and uplifting hikes. Because nature is so important to the overall experience, you won’t miss your phone or laptop for the duration of your trip.

Coastal Vacation


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Being near water creates a sense of solitude, which may explain why so many people visit the sea. Beach resorts are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of seaside vacations, and for good reason. Beach resorts provide a plethora of activities, not to mention the breathtaking sunsets at the end of the day. They aren’t the only ones who promote a healing environment, as there are many boat trips with a strong emphasis on wellness and fitness programs.

Explora Luxury Cruises, for example, allows you to design tailor-made fitness and wellness programs to meet your relaxation needs. You can choose from a wide range of treatment rooms and fitness programs, but if you want to socialize and have fun, you can also join group workouts. Similarly, if you enjoy group activities and want to meet new people, consider signing up for In Adventures Sailing Retreats. Each day is jam-packed with exciting water activities, nutritious meals, and yoga classes set against the backdrop of picturesque beaches and crystal clear waters.

Mountain Hideaway

There’s nothing like taking in expansive mountain scenery. Something about their vastness compels you to pause and reflect. If you want to go to the mountains for a quiet getaway, we highly recommend Italy. The country not only has incredible architecture similar to that found in Venice or Florence, but it also has some spectacular mountain views. The Dolomites, a group of mountains on the Northern Italian Alps, are a marvel of natural beauty and diversity.

There are many hotels to choose from because it has become a popular wellness destination for those who want to reconnect with nature. The Miramonti Boutique Hotel is one we recommend. You’ll have uninterrupted relaxation time because you’ll be nestled on top of a large rock 4,000 feet above Merano. Forest therapy, organic treatments, and Nordic-style sauna centers are available here. You can also hire a “body and mind coach” to design a personalized wellness and fitness plan for you during your stay.

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