The best CBD products you didn’t even know existed

When it comes to stress and anxiety, CBD has now long been touted as one of the best natural remedies, and since becoming legal in the UK, it has experienced a huge surge in popularity. Short for its full name, cannabidiol, CBD is used to create oils to infuse a range of different products – from luxury foods to sumptuous toiletries, and just about everything in between.

If you’re looking to add a little more relaxation into your daily routine, or are in search of something to help you unwind, then you might be surprised to find the wealth of options that are available on the market today. The world of CBD wellness products is ever-evolving and bringing us some very creative new ways to integrate it into our lives, with big name brands like Dr. Ganja taking hemp flowers and finding new and creative ways you can incorporate light dosages into your everyday life.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual products that you might not know work well with CBD.

Bath bombs

Relaxation, comfort and calmness reach their peak in a tub filled to the brim with suds and hot water – turn the world off, and the peacefulness on. And now, you can take it up a notch further still, by adding a CBD infused bath bomb and some essential oils, leaving you all set for full rejuvenation mode.

The world of CBD wellness products is ever-evolving and bringing us some very creative new ways to integrate it into our lives


Snack time is prime time, and there is nothing that quite settles a craving, completes a dessert or resolves the afternoon blues like a bar of chocolate. Chocolate with CBD is a decadent new contender, settling chaos and calming the mind for the ultimate luxury snack break.


Taking it one step beyond chocolate (if that’s even possible) is the holy morning liquid that rebounds any person from the night before. Bring some organisation to your head space in the morning with CBD infused coffee – taking you from caffeine crazed and alarmed to awake and grounded, and ready to take on your day.


Finding ways to combat our natural smell and sweat as humans can be utterly toxic, but if you’re tired of putting those nasty artificial chemicals on your pits then there is a novel new alternative. Alleviate your anxiety about whether or not you smell fresh enough with CBD deodorant, and enjoy its calming influence and pleasant fragrance, safe in the knowledge that it’s all natural. An effective, clean, and calming way to maximise on hygiene and minimise stress, this organic salve can also help to fend off possible irritation from shaving, tight T-shirts, and those pesky ingrown hairs.


CBD coffee will wake up, but also help you avoid the jitters and chill you out


Stop the train, first chocolate, then coffee – and now beer? The inventive world of CBD never stops surprising us. Microbreweries have taken the world by storm over the past decade, providing some of the very best tasting beer on the market. Now, with added calming benefits thanks to the infusion of CBD, it brings whole new meaning to that first Friday evening drink.

Hand sanitizer

2020 has forced the world to open its eyes to the millions of germs all around us. Thanks to the current Covid-19 pandemic, bottles of hand sanitiser have been flying off the shelves faster than they can be restocked, with sanitation fast becoming a top priority for families around the world. CBD-infused hand sanitiser takes the stress out of it, calming you down and killing those germs all in one go. It may seem like an unusual product to add this novel ingredient to, but when you consider the stress and worry many are currently under thanks to germs and viruses, it’s unsurprising this particular hand sanitiser is having its moment.


Dial up the bedtime relaxation with CBD infused bed sheets

Toilet paper

Never had the world taken their lavatory hygiene so seriously as during the initial onslaught of Covid-19, with panic buying seen in supermarkets across the globe and toilet paper selling out repeatedly at record speed. Now that things have calmed down a little and this household necessity has become readily available again, why not take things to the next level with CBD infused toilet tissue? Softer and more environmentally friendly than its regular counterpart, it’s certainly a unique way to get your fill.

Bed sheets

Dial up the bedtime relaxation with CBD infused bed sheets. Nothing quite compares! A particularly great buy if you suffer from night time anxiety or insomnia, these incredible bed coverings promise to ease you gently into the best night’s sleep of your life. From morning, to evening, snack time to bath time, these days there is a CBD wellness product to see you through every moment of the day. So, find products for happy-hour, and make every hour your happiest by introducing these innovative items into your daily routine.