The Best At-Home Treatments to Try Now That You Have Time on Your Hands

What it means to be a dutiful citizen has undergone quite the makeover these last few weeks. We don’t need to tell you how imperative it is to stay at home given the ongoing pandemic, but we are here to help you make lemonade. You may not be able to make your scheduled Botox appointment or root touch-up, but staying at home frees up plenty of time to try all those at-home treatments you would never otherwise find time for.

You may want to try your hand at a gel manicure. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a little spring cleaning when it comes to your makeup brushes.  Now’s definitely the time to give dry brushing a go so you can get rid of all that leftover scaly winter skin. Been indulging in so much red wine that your teeth are stained? There’s a wipe for that. And if you’ve always wanted to try self-tanner, there’s a new CBD-infused tanning mousse you’ll want to test out.

Check out below for the best at-home treatments that will have a big impact on your appearance and your sanity.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel‎, $88 at Sephora

This brand was the first to come out with an at-home peel and many still think it’s the best one. That’s probably why one is sold every three seconds! And to mark the peel’s 20th anniversary, the brand is offering special packaging and five extra treatments.


The Starter Bundle, $155 at Ópalens

You’re probably paler than ever right now. This new brand’s CBD-infused tanning mousse glides on easy and boasts nourishing botanical ingredients. Your best bet is to pick up this starter kit that also includes the brand’s application mitt, The Body Filter, The Face Serum and more.


Brush Cleaning Pad, $25 at Artis

Because who really cleans their brushes once a week? This pad will clean those brushes with ease. For a more thorough cleanse, add some of the brand’s Brush Cleansing Foam to your brushes before using the pad.

Sally Hansen

Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit, $79.95 at Amazon

This kit includes everything you need for DIY gel manicures at a pretty reasonable price.


Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer, $78 at LASHFOOD

Use this wand to enhance your brows and your lashes. Just make sure you apply the serum every night for a few weeks to see results.

Zen Me

Premium Dry Body Brush, $14.95 at Zen Me

Dry brushing is a great way to boost circulation. Just remember to brush your skin upward in firm, short strokes starting with your feet. The only place you’ll want to brush down is on your stomach. It also exfoliates so the best time to brush is before you jump in the shower.

Sephora Collection

Hair Sleeping Mask in Dragonfruit, $3 at Sephora

Turn up the shine with this hair mask. Before bed apply it all over dry hair. Then slip on the cap and let the product soak in while you’re in dreamland. In the morning rinse the treatment out and wash as usual.

The Vanity Project

Wine Wipes, $6.99 at Target

If you love red wine, you’ll love these natural wipes. They remove red wine stains from your teeth and mouth so go on and have another glass.