The benefits of flying first class on your next trip

If you’re a frequent flyer, chances are that you usually opt for the comfort provided in Business Class. But every wealthy traveller knows that the ultimate way to fly is First Class – so why not upgrade? As travellers breeze through the security checkpoint and enjoy priority boarding ahead of other travellers, you may find yourself wondering if it’s worth the extra cost – but we can confirm that there’s nothing quite like the level of opulence you’ll enjoy by travelling in First Class. It’s the ultimate way to start and end your trip.

If a more comfortable and streamlined travel experience appeals to you, then you’ll be delighted by the ease of travelling in First Class. With increased hand luggage and baggage allowances, you can finally take your sizable designer wardrobe on long-haul flights. This way, you won’t worry about being constricted by the rules for British Airways hand luggage. And with gourmet cuisine, free champagne, and a plethora of other bells and whistles designed to give you luxury treatment from start to finish, we guarantee you won’t go back.


Frequent flyers know that there’s a world of difference between Domestic and International First Class as not all First-Class cabins are created equal. Image credit: TK Kurikawa/

Frequent flyers know that there’s a world of difference between Domestic and International First Class as not all First-Class cabins are created equal. For domestic, you get some nice perks, like priority boarding, better entertainment options, and complimentary meals. But the real luxury experience comes into play on international flights – think private suites, seats that convert into beds, and a private lounge and bar area, for starters. Often shrouded in an air of mystery, what really goes on in this special and more privileged section of the plane is something of an unknown until you try it yourself. So, we’ve rounded up six of the biggest benefits of flying First Class in 2020 – all you’ve got to do is book your tickets.

Free Champagne

Let’s start with the most important one: the free Champagne. In First Class, all drinks are included throughout your flight and, yes, that does include the Moet. Of course, the range of drinks available does vary from airline to airline, so if you have a particular tipple of choice then it’s always wise to check beforehand to avoid disappointment. Service quality varies from airline to airline, too, so if you’re going to splurge, then do your homework. Although it can be tempting to take full advantage of the free-flowing bubbles, limiting yourself to just a couple may be wise if you have a demanding schedule awaiting you at the other end. Dehydration and tiredness can make you more likely to feel sick or experience a hangover later, and getting drunk on board can get you into a whole heap of trouble – although, thankfully, in the refined confines of First Class, raucous behaviour amongst passengers is far rarer than in economy.

The interior of a first class cabin of the world’s largest aircraft, Airbus A380. Image credit: Sergey Kohl/

Extravagant amenities

Depending on which airline you fly with, a range of amenities is available on board in First Class – and some, we have to say, are truly impressive. Passengers flying in the airline’s Delta One class from LAX enjoy a private check-in area with snacks and special security access – but it’s international carriers that offer a truly extravagant experience. For instance, Etihad Airways has a “residence” with three rooms that comes with a personal inflight chef, a butler, and an en-suite shower. Meanwhile the likes of Qantas and Emirates Air both have complimentary chauffeur service available to First-Class passengers at either end of their journey. Add to that the free robes and pyjamas, sleep kits and toiletries, and you could well be in a luxury five-star hotel.


While Business Class provides sufficiently spacious seating for those who want to work on board flights, First Class takes this to a whole new level, and with private suites and rooms available to reserve, you can get plenty of quiet time to yourself to ensure that you get the job done. You can also get some shut-eye if you’re on a long-haul flight without the fear of being heard snoring, or worse still, having to listen to others do so! And even if you don’t opt for a private room, you’ll have plenty of space to yourself to relax and unwind without anyone crammed in right beside you.

In First Class, all drinks are included throughout your flight and, yes, that does include the Moet

Less stress

If long security queues and crowds of loitering passengers usually have you seething with impatience when making your way through the airport, First Class offers a welcome reprieve from some of the stresses and frustrations that often come with air travel. Enjoy faster check-ins, priority boarding, and a private First-Class Lounge for some peace and quiet away from the throng. Getting into the plane faster will mean you can stow your carry-on and settle in to enjoy that first complimentary glass of fizz. And with added services like priority baggage delivery, flying First Class is a seamless and stress-free process from start to finish as it gets you out of the airport in no time and to your final destination faster.

So, is First Class worth the extra dollar? From us, it’s a resounding YES. It changes the way you travel to make the entire journey an enjoyable experience rather than a necessary evil of getting to your destination. First Class is the only way to fly. So book yourself that private suite, and we guarantee you’ll never look back.