The Beige Color Trend

It’s a beige revolution and we’re absolutely ready. This is obviously 2021’s IT color as everywhere you look, this chic color rules unhinged. A scroll through your favorite style bloggers’ Instagram feed will convince you otherwise. It’s not just the fashion industry that has caught the beige fever, this neutral tone has become popular in the interior design circle as well. As the all white home trends slowly give way, people are showing more interest in beige walls and furniture. The beauty world is also not left out. Neutral toned nail polish and even hair colors are at the front line in 2021. As the world takes a break from all the noise, our fashion tastes yearn for something simpler while we pack up the stone studded and feathered dresses for a minute.

Beige Is A Timeless Color

This color is a classic and it can be worn irrespective of the season. No matter the trends surface, you can certainly still rock that beige outfit without feeling like you’ve been under a rock.

Beige Is A Much Needed Shift

The last few seasons witnessed heavy embellishments from sequins to feathers and neon. Right now, the oddly refreshing beige is the way to go for the stylish boss chic. A breath of fresh air, we suppose.

Beige Is Versatile

How the main piece can double as a background is utterly beguiling. You can decide to accessorize your beige outfit with a print scarf or high leather boot and not look like you’re fresh out of a rock concert. Wake up and beige up. It saves you the stress of wondering what to wear.

Monochrome Deige Is Everything 

There’s only one way to rock the monochrome look right now and it’s all the shades of beige. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of this color to go round.

Beige Is Perfect In Street Style

A beige colored outfit is one you can rock both on the streets and in the office. And we’re so here for it. Simple yet not minimalist, calm and bourgeois at the same time. That’s how to describe this dominant street style color. Every fashion girl’s wish is to look stylish with as little effort as possible. With the beige color trend, you have your dependable genie in a bottle.