The Basic Essentials For The Stylish Men’s Wardrobe

The times have changed. They’ve changed so much that most of our 9-to-5 outfits are collecting dust in our wardrobes and the loungewear, a previously underestimated clothing, has become an essential. These casual pieces are selling out fast in both men’s and women’s sections all thanks to the global lockdown brought about by the coronavirus. The quarantine wardrobe was comfortable and gave us the zeal we needed to accomplish many tasks from home.

Even though we’re beginning to get things back to a normal/semi-formal state, we’re not leaving these quarantine pieces behind. From very comfortable sweatpants with great fit, to tees made of soft fabrics and pliable slippers that are equal parts stylish and cozy, there are several quarantine wardrobe essentials for men that have now gone from being worn only at home to being worn stylishly on the streets. These are the basic essentials for the stylish men’s wardrobe.


The whole idea of a hoodie is perfect. It is usually super thick, extra-soft, perfect fit, and has great details. And unlike other thick clothing items, the hoodie doesn’t feel overheated.  Whether you’re hanging around the house or making work-related video calls, the hoodie should be your new best friend.


.Just like the hoodie, joggers are extra-soft. They are the right combination of warmth and comfort and give the relaxed feeling from the moment it is put on.

The Classic T-shirt

T-shirts are for when you want to look good without trying. They are comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. As a bonus, t-shirts retain their shape pretty well so they don’t have that stretched-out-worn-out look if ever you decide to wear them for days at a time.


.Wearing pajamas may seem extra, but they’re comfortable, visually appealing, and make one feel like a total boss working from home. Sure, you could wear a T-shirt and basketball shorts, but pajamas are basically a work-from-home power suit.

Slippers, flip flops, and slides

Warm, soft, and cozy, slippers are crucial to staying at home. The soles have great traction so the walk from your bed to your work station, the fridge, or kitchen would be more enjoyable.

Featured image credit: The Style Train | Instagram