The Area 51 Raid Event Now Has An Official Theme Song

News spread that one of the guys behind the Area 51 Raid Facebook Event wanted to turn it into an EDM event — since they already had so many people interested, and the fanbases clearly overlap, it was a no brainer. Today, Nashville dubstep duo Finderz Keeperz have revealed the official theme song for the event, “They Can’t Stop Us.”

The Hidden Sound, one of the hosts of the event, reached out to us to confirm the theme song. It can also be found on their website,

“We partnered with storm area 51, they cant stop us all to bring the official anthem for the raid event. We are beyond thrilled to have this opportunity and we hope it snaps your fucking neck.”

“They Can’t Stop Us” uses clips from the interview with fellow event host, Matty Roberts. The event has more than 3 million people RSVP’d, so the possibility for an actual event is legitimate. Check out the track below.