The Amours Unveil Soulful Single “Before I Met You” Showcasing Harmonic Brilliance

R&B Duo The Amours Release Silky and Soulful New Single

The Amours, the talented R&B duo comprised of sisters Jakiya and Shaiyna, have recently unveiled their latest single, the smooth and soulful “Before I Met You.” Known for their impeccable harmonies and captivating performances as backup singers for PJ Morton, including a notable appearance on Tiny Desk, The Amours have once again showcased their remarkable musicality in this enchanting track.

Grammy-Winning Success and Musical Prowess

In 2019, The Amours achieved a significant milestone by winning the Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance with their rendition of The Bee Gees’ timeless 1977 classic, “How Deep Is Your Love.” The award-winning cover was featured on PJ Morton’s acclaimed album, “Gumbo.” This recognition further solidified The Amours’ reputation as a duo with exceptional talent and a deep understanding of the R&B genre.

Crystal-Clear Harmonies and Warm Melodies

The Amours’ music is a captivating blend of crystal-clear harmonies, warm melodies, and lyrics that beautifully reflect the multifaceted nature of romance. With their unique vocal prowess, Jakiya and Shaiyna create an enticing sonic experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level. Their ability to convey emotion through their harmonies sets them apart as a remarkable duo in the R&B landscape.

Unveiling the Upcoming EP “Around The Way Girl”

In their upcoming EP, titled “Around The Way Girl,” The Amours delve into the ladies’ perspective of a love story, providing a fresh and authentic narrative. Building on their previous successes, this highly anticipated release promises to captivate audiences with its lyrical depth, musical brilliance, and the duo’s undeniable chemistry. Fans can eagerly anticipate an immersive and enchanting musical experience.


With their soulful single “Before I Met You,” The Amours continue to astound listeners with their harmonic brilliance and captivating artistry. Their silky vocals, warm melodies, and introspective lyrics create a captivating blend of R&B music that transcends genres. As they prepare to release their upcoming EP, “Around The Way Girl,” The Amours are poised to further establish themselves as a duo of immense talent and musical prowess, enchanting audiences with their exceptional harmonies and heartfelt storytelling.