The All-New Bespoke ARES S1 Project Spyder Showcases back to a more authentic and visceral level

Following the success of the enviable ARES S1, which combined the design of a hypercar with the performance of a supercar and the accessibility of a sports car – the all-new S1 Project aims to bring the experience of driving a supercar back to a more authentic and visceral level. Through utilizing today’s technologies and materials to rediscover sensations of yesteryear, the ARES S1 Project Spyder represents something essential, direct and unfiltered.

With a style within the same vein of its coupé twin, the S1 Project Spyder fully embodies all the values of the ARES design language, where form meets function to offer unique style, unparalleled dynamic performance and a pure, unfiltered driving experience. More extreme and uncompromising, the Spyder is characterized by its elimination of a roof and windscreen, alongside the inclusion of ARES’ Centro Stile designed two wind deflectors that flawlessly emerge from the streamlined bodywork, redirecting the air flow over the passengers into the air intakes behind the headrests and creating a virtual canopy and a calm driving environment.

Hand-crafted and richly finished with fine Napa leather and Alcantara, the S1 Project Spyder’s interior reveals elegant, minimalist lines, with the HMI positioned entirely on the centre console and dashboard. Meanwhile, beneath its handmade carbon fibre bodywork, the S1 Project Spyder houses a centrally mounted, naturally aspirated V8 engine – with a maximum of 8,800 rpm, the car’s powerful acceleration will deliver a 0-100 kph in 2.7 seconds.