The 7 Wardrobe Essentials You Need This Quarantine Season

It is common knowledge that dressy outfits are out as we’ve replaced them with pajamas and sweatpant sets since this pandemic has us walking around the house in flip flops and carelessly brushed hair. Hey, that’s the case for me! Although that’s valid, we all know that dressing good makes us feel good, hence having a functional wardrobe is as essential for now as it was when the world was open for business. Especially if you live with your significant other, not abandoning your sense of style and dressing casually good will ensure he isn’t constantly wondering what he did to deserve the mess you’ve become. Just kidding, but you get my point. Jokes aside, looking good is not only good for impressing others but works wonders for your mental health. Yup!

The basic ingredient of these wardrobe essentials is the need for solid colors and timeless pieces. This rids you of the daily indecisiveness and the most popular words heard in front of closets for ages: “I have nothing to wear.” Having timeless wardrobe essentials also means you have pieces you can wear in more ways than one.

Why do we need these wardrobe essentials?

It’s a time-saving-decision-making strategy. More than ever this is not the right time to have a wardrobe bursting open with confusion written all over it. If you plan to succeed even at the simplest of tasks, every thing you do in life has to be deliberate, and your wardrobe is not an exception.

Here are the wardrobe essentials you should have handy…

#1. Wardrobe essential: Black leggings


Linda Osifo

Black leggings are a lifesaver. They come in handy on a casual type of day. Now that you’re homebound, you’ll find that they are super comfy yet stylish so you can perform all your household chores fashionably and still chase the kids around without them outrunning you. This lockdown season, consider the leggings a primer for your entire outfit, and work your look up from here.

#2. Wardrobe essential: White button-down shirt


This piece can switch casual bottoms into work-worthy ensembles. Right now, staying at home for most people involves video meetings and a white button-down shirt gives you the perfect corporate look without having to compromise on comfort. Try one that’s well-tailored and slightly oversized.

#3. Wardrobe essential: Mom Jeans



How would you have wardrobe basics without denim? Mom jeans went from cleaning the sidewalks to arriving in a show-stopping Lamborghini. Yes they’re that important right now as they make for the perfect quick item to don on when going to shop for essentials. Comfortable, well-fitting and stylish is still the goal and you can get all that easily with the right pair of mom jeans.

#4. Wardrobe essential: T-shirt


Mimi Onalaja

A T-shirt is your typical stay at home outfit and definitely a must-have since you’re going to be spending long periods at home. It is basic, comfy and can be dressed up or down as needed.

#5. Wardrobe essential: Sneakers


Mihlahli Ndamase

Staying at home during this quarantine period does not mean that you get to toss your sneakers aside and settle for flip flops. The sneakers are still essential as you can throw them on and take a walk around the yard just to keep fit. Get off your couch and work those muscles!

#6. Wardrobe essential: The tank top



This is definitely a wardrobe essential because of its versatility. Opt for one with a more modern neckline. If you’re in currently hot regions like West Africa and the Caribbeans, staying indoors with excessive clothing is almost considered suicidal and a tank top always comes to the rescue! It can be paired with everything from denim trousers to leggings to shorts and skirts. The best part is that you can quickly slip on a blazer for your Zoom meeting to get your corporate look on.

#7. Wardrobe essential: Blazers



Blazers automatically give a dressed-up vibe. This classic outerwear staple is a must-have in every wardrobe and a quick fix for a corporate look when you need to get on a business video call. You don’t need too many; one or two statement blazers can make all the difference this season and beyond. Quick tip: When shopping for a new blazer, ensure it is well-tailored, fully lined and a great fabric choice.

Photo Credit: Instagram| As Captioned