The 4 biggest men’s hair trends the experts predict for 2020

As with fashion, your hairstyle and how you choose to wear it is a reflection of the times.

2020 has already been an eventful year and we’ve only just got past February. Regardless of your gender, race or political beliefs, it’s safe to assume that there is no doubt the world feels incredibly chaotic at the moment.

With this in mind, we’ve enlisted the help of award-winning hairdresser Anil Salhan who has identified the four key male hair trends he expects to see in 2020. Anil has just chopped up the traditional unisex salon rulebook to create a unique space, BLACC + BLOND, that could easily be mistaken for an art gallery in the heart of Birmingham.

1. The buzzcut


The epitome of low maintenance. Whether this is a subconscious symbol of strength in tough times or a reaction to the busy working lives that most men now have, the buzzcut has made a huge comeback.

Skin on the back and sides for a cleaner finish? The same grade all over? Wearing with or without a beard? All key questions that you’ll need to consult with your hairdresser to maximise the impact of this style.

I make sure I offer an integrated personalised style consultation and haircut for every appointment, especially new clientele, which is what sets us apart even though I believe this should be a standard offering for all barbers.

The two most important elements for the buzzcut is the length of your head which will dictate the introduction of the fade and the finish at the front. We’ve seen Zayn Malik in the past rock the organic and natural finish on the front of the head which I’m a fan of and you can easily add zaps of personality and uniqueness to a traditional style by adding lines in the hair – think of the effortlessly cool Tom Hardy buzzcut.

2. 90s Hollywood

90s Hollywood

The summer air is thick, the Beach Boys are on the car stereo and you’re heading to the beach. All you need now is to tuck your hair behind your ears and soak up the sun.

The LA slack-rock aesthetic is another style that I’m seeing a lot more demand for and one which I’m advising clients to opt for. A big move away from the buzzcut, this carefree long-haired style does play on the same motivations as the buzzcut in the fact that it’s functional, incredibly versatile and oozes personality.

This nostalgic style has been adopted recently by co-stars of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio and harks back to the west coast 90s grunge scene too with the likes of Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Anthony Kiedis.

The clear boundary to this style is that your hair needs to be of sufficient length but don’t think length merely qualifies for style… thinning and bulking certain areas of the shape to give a defined silhouette and nice sweep is important as is keeping sideburns well-groomed. The key to the 90s Hollywood is a bit of a science when it comes to hairdressing, it needs to be executed with great care to look effortless and breezy. This leads us on to our next style very nicely…

3. Better product for your hair

Image credit: Tom Bird

Even with the shortest buzzcut I’d highly recommend applying premium product. Most products that are worth their weight offer benefits to your skin and hair such as UV protection and general conditioning. Supercharge this with specialist shampoos and conditioners and you’ll see a huge difference in no time.

At BLACC + BLOND we’re the only salon in Birmingham to stock Haeckles and Malin+Goetz, two brands that we’ve done lots of research into and have been more than impressed by their sustainability credentials, quality of product and range.

We’re big proponents of conscious consumerism at BLACC + BLOND. We’ve witnessed the rise of independent DTC products, veganism and mental wellness across our clientele base and on a societal level, so naturally, we believe that investing in quality hair care and habits is an investment in yourself.

4. Colour

A bit of a wildcard and a juxtaposition against the buzzcut and 90s Hollywood but using colour to exemplify expression and individuality are rising in popularity, specifically when applied to less extroverted styles such as the buzzcut.

We’ve seen sportsmen such as Neymar and Sergio Aguero push blonde hair experimentation recently but I believe the man largely responsible for the recent renaissance was Frank Ocean who’s constantly changing his hair colour and has been seen with green, pink, red, blue and blonde styles.

If you’re thinking about dabbling with colour – something I highly recommend – then do make sure your hairdresser is using quality colour dyes. At BLACC + BLOND we exclusively use Alfaparf Milano hair colouring for men and women which is ammonia-free, formulated without PPD, has no parabens, is anti-fade and provides 100% grey coverage.

BLACC + BLOND is pioneering a ‘slow hair’ concept and approach to hairstyling which is inspired by the architecture and interior spaces of European cities – where the design aesthetic is minimal and conceptual. Through Anil’s years of experience and constantly listening to his ever-growing clientele list, he’s witnessing a period which is less trend-driven and more reactionary, more function over flair, that’s being etched into the psyche of today’s men.