Testing The Next Generation Of Pimple Patches

Acne patches, as we know them, used to be one thing: hydrocolloid stickers. Fun, gentle, and repulsive to use. They spot-treated effectively without needing to go the route of aggressive dehydration or toothpaste. They also hopefully stopped you sickos from fully clawing at and maiming your pimples like they’re Leonardo DiCaprio and you’re a bear. However, in the age of innovation, if you’re not evolving, you’re left the way of the wolly mammoth, while younger, hotter elephants with glass skin roam the Earth. Here are just some of the new technologies you can stick to your face.

Microneedling microdarts

I never found blemish appliqués particularly effective against cystic acne. They’re best for whiteheads you know better than to pop. That was of course until ZitSticka. Get this: the underside of their dots have tiny quills that send active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, the peptide OG-76, and salicylic acid) directly into your zit. This makes them a truly formidable force against a cystic lump you feel incubating beneath the skin’s surface. I’ll tell you what I told a colleague whilst recommending these to her over cortisone shots: “They don’t hurt, cost less, and are lower risk. I also hope you 86 whatever’s causing your stress breakouts.”

Dark spot treatments

Take a similar technology involving tiny, painless spikes and you have Peace Out Dark Spots. Instead of tackling acne, these target hyperpigmentation. I’m olive-skinned (hey mom!) so every mark, scratch, and bug bite on my glowing melanin leaves a dark spot. I’ve tried lots of fade creams with ingredients that the FDA turns an unmarked cheek to—with middling success—but have had visible results with these. Niacinamide, licorice extract, and tranexamic acid below (rather just on top of) hyperpigmentation mean these work smarter, not harder.

Near invisibility

What if you don’t have an underground cyst or a post-acne mark but just a regular run-of-the-mill zit? It’s tough being mortal, huh? Rael Acne Healing Patches are great because they offer a tapered design that makes them more undetectable than the patches you’re used to, thus (by my standards) entirely acceptable to wear to work. In the interim just throw on a bold lip to draw attention away from your breakout and to your mouth. Works like a charm.