Tens Of Thousands Of Concerts Already Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

Coronavirus is on the verge of becoming a global pandemic. With more than 80,000 infected and nearly 3,000 dead since the beginning of the outbreak, the cause for global concern is entirely warranted. Events with large gatherings of people in confined spaces, such as concerts and festivals, are particularly susceptible to the spread of the disease. As such, more than 20,000 events have been cancelled or postponed in China since the beginning of this year, according to Billboard.

Billboard has compiled an ongoing list of major concerts and events that have been postponed or canceled due to the outbreak, which you can see here.

Included in the list are X Ambassadors, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, grime rapper Stormzy, and Khalid who have all cancelled events in China. As the virus reaches upwards of 40 countries worldwide, the potential for events being cancelled outside of China also grows stronger with every confirmed case.

You can read a CDC guide at taking precautions against coronavirus here.

Photo via Pixnio