Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Instagram Rant & “GOOBA” Music Video Go Viral In Minutes

Tekashi 6ix9ine, out of prison early and on house arrest, is already breaking records… First, with his Instagram Live video, titled below as “I SNITCHED AND STILL WINNING” and also with his new music video for “GOOBA.” The 7.5-minute rant covers his stitching (breaking news: he’s not sorry), “street code” and loyalty whilst he flashes his ridiculously expensive jewelry, brags about luxury vehicles, and calls out fellow rappers Drake, Bad Bunny and more. The live stream hit 2 million viewers in a matter of minutes.

Next up, his new song and music video “GOOBA,” which hit YouTube hours ago, has already racked up well over three million plays and counting. Love him or love to hate him, he’s breaking records just the same and “GOOBA” is on pace to break them all.

With Tekashi back and controversial as ever, dripping in colorful threads, diamonds, and let’s not forget his ankle monitor, his’s bio on Instagram proudly reads: “IM BACK AND THEY MAD”

Welcome to the 6ix9ine show. Oh yeah, and today is also his 24th birthday.