“Technicolour Psychic Vision” By Flux Pavilion Is A Fresh New Music

Have you ever zoned out with a music on loop, maybe for hours, and then realized it was the same song? And you’re not sick of it? In a nutshell, that’s “Technicolour Psychic Vision” by Flux Pavilion. “TPV” is a nice return to his Tesla style from 2015, which produced successes like “Vibrate,” “International Anthem,” and “Who Wants to Rock” before shifting to a somewhat different feel in his 2021 album.wav.

The repetitive vox, harsh guitar riffs, and Flux’s own voice coming through in the pre-drop, as well as the rolling drums and bass… it’s all such a lovely nostalgia bomb while also feeling immensely modern. It’s a tribute to his incredibly ageless production approach. Check out “Technicolour Psychic Vision” from Flux Pavilion below!

Photo credit: Fiona Garden