Tech House Beef: CamelPhat, Eric Prydz Clap Back at “Bitter” Seth Troxler

Too bad we’re stuffed on leftovers, because Seth Troxler is serving up some prime Twitter beef… The producer had some choice words to say about the “EDM” scene as it relates to house music, and CamelPhat in particular. In the tweets below, he gave his opinion, calling the current state of tech house “the ultimate white wash of culture.”

There’s no denying the impact Troxler has made on the house/techno scene. However, his opinion, topped off by #camelgate, has come off more like jealously, negativity — or as Eric Prydz puts it, “bitterness” — rather than a constructive argument. But, we’ll get to all that.

Here’s what Troxler had to say…

— seth troxler (@sethtroxler) Dec 1, 2019

— seth troxler (@sethtroxler) Dec 1, 2019

CamelPhat soon responded…

— CamelPhat (@CamelPhat) Dec 1, 2019

And, even Eric Prydz chimed in…

— Eric Prydz (@ericprydz) December 1, 2019

— Eric Prydz (@ericprydz) December 1, 2019

As lines blur, terms like “EDM,” “tech house,” and “house music” become more convoluted. Ask two people the definition of each and we’re positive you’ll get different answers.

Our point is here, there’s room for everyone in the scene. Call it what you want, listen to it or don’t, and move along.

We’ll just leave you with this to sip on…

CamelPhat & Elderbrook – Cola

Photo via Big Beat Records