Taylor Lauren delicately blends acoustic instrumentals with her luscious voice in her new song ‘Bad Boy’

California Singer Taylor Lauren gives a breakthrough performance in her new single ‘Bad Boy’ as she sings about getting cheated on her relationship with much grief in her voice.

Taylor Lauren gives a triggered start on her latest single as she mirrors some amazing melodies with careening beats. The song is made for a strange fit as the much capable singer and extraordinary sound artist puts her vocals to the ultimate test and presents to all a heart-wrenching performance with equal grip on the songwriting. The lavish sounding singer takes the audience on a musical journey which guides them through the picture-perfect start of a relationship and all the positive rosy hues that come along. The singer subtly yet powerfully hints that all those move away fast and the person soon ends up cheating on the other. Her latest single ‘Bad Boy’ intriguingly summarizes all of such instances and shows that the artist has certainly not been in the right kind of relationship.  The song sees her going to great lengths to shroud her in the effects and bury her all along through immersive strings of instrumentals. She has produced a mesmerizing composition that takes on a self-conscious approach as she finally realizes all the wrong phases she has been through and demands her stake in the relationship.

‘Bad Boy’ is a fine intersection of acoustics and R&B music combined with Taylor Lauren’s compelling voice and her ability to use melody as a tool. The words have been thoughtfully crafted and pierce through the heart of the listener. Feelings of being alone, being cheated upon, a burden, or not being cared upon have all been stuffed with finesse to create an intimate affair altogether. The singer has poured her heart out in the project that gives a glimpse of her unparalleled honesty and also her vulnerability at the same time. This unique juxtaposition makes the song even more worthy and can now be heard on YouTube. Also, follow the artist on Instagram to know more about her latest song ‘Needa Ride’.

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