Taouil’s debut single ‘Last Night’ has become a massive hit for its relentless romantic version

The rising American artist, Taouil has made his gala appearance for the first time in pop music with a beautiful single ‘Last Night’ crafted in an urban mix of pop sound. The new solo artist, Deric Taouilhas paved the path of his musical career with the first cornerstone, his successful debut single Last Night’ that is forged in all the unforgettable melodies from the old jams with his close mates and an effortless blend of neoteric soundscape that changes every moment like the wind. The pop song is all about love and the butterfly nights that one dreams with his/her eyes wide open. It has the innocence that we feel in our hearts when we tumble to the soft arboretum called love. It is out on Spotify, youtube, dropbox, and tinyurl to stream for free.

Taouil’s interest in playing with melodies could not go unnoticed for his early attempts to create magical symphonies for a long time with the daily jam sessions with his fellows. Singers like Shawn Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars, Harry Styles, Justine Timberlake, and Maroon 5 have their incredible influence on him when it comes to music. The new summer release ‘Last Night’is imbibed in the fresh notes of the coming spring that paints your sky with pink, purple, and every other shade of love. His euphonious voice and delightful words do not fail to flatter our idea of love and get our head-in-the-clouds. Follow the upcoming New York-based artist on his website, Instagram, and Facebook to find your glee.