Talent Ehsociation gives out a break-free experience for the audience in ‘1-800 Tequila Cypher Volume 1’

Talent Ehsociation gathers some of the best rap artists from Toronto and culminates the best rap cipher video on youtube called ‘1-800 Tequila Cypher Volume 1’. Enter into the world of the virtual cipher as Talent Ehsociation takes us on a journey to experience an, unlike reality that we are not ready for. It has made a ‘cipher’ video called ‘1-800 Tequila Cypher Volume 1’ featuring some of the budding rappers coming out of Toronto and captivated the mind of the youtube viewers like a mind-flayer.

It is a treat for the hip hop lovers who will get to watch an engrossing performance made by the moguls of rap ciphers. The video is produced by Fin-S the CEO who had the best time working with the charming urban rappers. Sticky Lyricz and DukezEy have presented the city’s indie-rap scene with mind-boggling words that came out as a stream of consciousness. Their constant rap rants about the fun and hard work that they buy gold chains and love with inspire the young bloods to work until it pays off in a million dollars.

Talent Ehsociation, Up North Society, Cityyz, PromoByNorth have presented the lyrical video of ‘1-800 Tequila Cypher Volume 1’ in a black background with floating words on the screen that shifts your mind to the ordinary family stories that RoCheDat Guy, Sity Baby have drawn with the lyrical power that is hardly found in this overcrowded industry. Papi AQ is known as the Spanglish rapper who spews out the flat words with duality. His Spanish verse of the rap battle stings the comfortable souls on the other side of the screen with ultimate hedonism.

Along with the other rappers, Shacky, Glizzy Ave, Raw were the stars of the cipher video that delivered the spine-chilling effect of a real rap battle arranged on the big spot or sidewalks. It is an unforgettable compilation of different thoughts and emotions that stranded on a single frame with the noticeable essence of instant rap battles. Take a look at the other attention-grasping rap videos on its youtube channel.