“Take Me Away” Features Hardwell, Maddix And 4 Strings

Hardwell returned from a year-long break last year with his sophomore studio album, REBELS NEVER DIE, and a world tour. As we enter the new year, he returns with Maddix to reinvent a dance floor classic. “Take Me Away” by 4 Strings became a Dance Dance Revolution classic, but it also holds its own on streaming services, having over 27 million Spotify listens to its name.

With 4 Strings’ approval, who called the remix as “a dancefloor smash,” Hardwell and Maddix rejoin for their sixth collaboration, a cherished trance rework that gives the original’s unmatched excitement credit. “Take Me Away Again” maintains the same elusive pleasure while ratcheting up their characteristic modern dance floor sound, which depends on copious drops and subterranean basslines to fit well into their own live sets.

Photo via Rukes.com