Take a Journey Through Khiva’s “Road to Bamboo” Mix

Khiva - Road to Bamboo 2019

Bamboo Bass Festival is simply a few weeks away! Excitement is brimming, and the low frequency vibrations are buzzing. Today comes a present for the spirit of Bamboo, from the netherworld of the Deep Dark & Dangerous. Khiva‘s new “Road to Bamboo” combine. Whether you’re getting ready for Bamboo, or simply searching for some dank vibes, this combine is a refreshing and welcome escape from the norm.

“Road to Bamboo” is an eclectic, and heavy deep dub, combine loaded with driving beats, trippy compositions, darkish surreal soundscapes, and a sprint of lighthearted power to present some heat. She takes us on the entire journey, beginning the place most holidays start, “Stressed”. It’s not quickly earlier than the stress dissolves into the sub-bass waves of some chilled out reggae, cheeky bossa nova bass, a contact of home, and loads of angsty subterranean wubs.

Venture forth on the “Road to Bamboo 2019”.

Khiva – Road to Bamboo 2019

Deep Dark & Dangerous Takeover Bamboo 2019