Synymata And Zack Gray Collaborate On The Smash Hit, “So Alive”

This year, Synymata has been on a roll. With songs like “When I’m With You” with Slander and several releases on their label Heaven Sent, he has demonstrated why he is an up and coming artist to keep an eye on. With his new agreement to Corson Agency, he’ll be seen on a slew of future lineups and tours. Synymata and Zack Gray have linked up once more for another outstanding record, “So Alive,” which has been signed to Slander’s Heaven Sent imprint.

When these two go in the studio, magic happens, and you’ll hear it on “So Alive.” Booming synthesizers, ecstatic melodies, and head thumping intensity all come together for what may be their greatest hit yet. Take a listen below!