Sydney Grace Comforting Light & Delightful Spark Loose Pigments Reviews & Swatches

Comforting Light

Sydney Grace Comforting Light Loose Pigment has a warmer, reddish-plum base with blue-to-green shifting sparkle and shimmer that gives it a sparkling, metallic finish. The loose consistency was denser and more weighed down, which made it less messy to work with than some more finely-milled (but very powdery) loose eyeshadow formulas available.

It had opaque pigmentation in a single layer, both wet and dry, though wet application yielded a more reflective, less sparkly finish that went on more smoothly from the get-go. Dry application required a bit more finesse as the product applied best by patting and pressing it on and then gently smoothing it into place, otherwise it had some fallout during application. The eyeshadow blended out evenly, but I noticed that when I worked with it dry, it was more prone to catching on skin texture/emphasizing lid texture. On me, it lasted well for eight hours before creasing faintly.

Delightful Spark

Sydney Grace Delightful Spark Loose Pigment is a rich, medium red with strong, warm orange undertones and flecks of pink sparkle. It had good color payoff both dry and wet, though wet application resulted in richer, deeper color and full opacity with a smoother finish. The loose eyeshadow could be applied dry to lids, though you’ll want to use pressing and patting motions to avoid fallout (light to moderate, depending on how loaded up the brush ends up). It loose powder was denser, heavier, and a bit thicker, almost cream-like when it was worked onto my skin, so it definitely wasn’t prone to releasing a cloud of powder when opened and the like. This shade stayed on nicely for eight hours before creasing slightly.

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