Sydney Grace Abi, Cassie, Liz Lip Creams


Sydney Grace Abi Lip Cream has a cream finish and is a subdued medium brown with delicate, warm undertones. It provided virtually opaque color coverage in a single application, applied smoothly, but was prone to settling into my lip lines. There was also some faint “bubbling” seen in the close-up but not in person. The gloss was smooth and light-medium in thickness, and it was nearly cushiony to apply and wear. The mixture was also highly hydrating throughout the course of four hours.


Sydney Grace Cassie Lip Cream is a light rosy beige with warm undertones and a cream texture. It applied better than typical for this sort of shade, but there was apparent streaking and product that was more prone to going into my lip lines, which deteriorated with time. The texture was smooth, lightweight, and light-medium in thickness, with a gel-cream feel that was easy to wear, not too sticky, and didn’t slide about too much. It was incredibly moisturizing and remained on nicely for four hours.


Sydney Grace Liz Lip Cream has a creamy viscosity and is a medium pink with subdued, warm undertones. It was more semi-opaque than the other hues in the collection, thus it had a milky or jelly-like look to it. The texture was velvety, smooth, and softly creamy, with nice spreadability, however it was prone to getting into my lip lines (though as you can see, the color itself was not streaky). It lasted four hours and was quite hydrating over time.