SYB Releases New Song “All I See” with Rypsa


I’ve missed a lot of the 2013 uplifting house sound from when I was just heavy getting into dance music. Sure, there’s a LOT of good music coming out these days, but nothing really beats the power of nostalgia. Thankfully, SYB has just come out with “All I See” featuring Rypsa and has scratched that itch.


With uplifting vocals, a poppy and engaging drop, and a melodic core, this is something you can let loose with. Smiley, swing your head, dance with reckless abandon, and let the world simply melt away.

“All I See is a look back at a peak festival experience shared with a person I really care about. In those moments, the crowd melted away and it was just us engulfed by the music, artistry and our connection.” SYB

Listen below!

via youredm

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