Switch Up Schmidt Has Belted out Mesmerizing Hiphop Numbers with the Deftest of Touches

Hold your breath to listen to some scintillating stuff in hiphop along with mind-blowing storytelling by the impeccable singer Switch Up Schmidt. He has come up with songs like the remix of ‘Whats Poppin’, and other numbers like ‘Ship Sinking Shit’, ‘Doesnt Know’, and ‘Red Black Blue’. In my opinion, are some exquisite numbers by the Alberta hiphop artist. He suffers from ADHD that is an aberration in brain activity but he has not at all perturbed by such challenges. He has an ear for great sounds and this sets him apart from other contemporary rappers. His style cannot be replicated because of its uniqueness and authenticity. One can catch up with his shared posts by logging on to his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handle.

In the track ‘Whats Poppin’ by the gifted artist Switch Up Schmidt there is a compelling groove. In ‘Ship Sinking Shit’, the vocal delivery grabs your attention with a smart display of hip hop. In ‘Doesnt Know’, there is a brilliant vibration that resonates. In ‘Red Black Blue’ there is a whip-smart hook that has an eclectic appeal.