Swedish House Mafia Premiere Collab with A$AP Rocky at Ultra Europe [WATCH]

Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia unleashed their collaboration with A$AP Rocky while performing at Ultra Europe last night. Along with the song, a bright and bold message lit up on stage — #JusticeForRocky.


The hip hop star is currently incarcerated overseas due to a physical altercation that unfolded in the streets of Stockholm. [More on that here.]

It’s unclear at this point how long Rocky will be held, or the severity of the potential charges against him. His arrest and jail conditions have raised concerns in the media. Hence, the #JusticeForRocky statement.

In addition, the rapper has been forced to cancel upcoming festival appearances including Tomorrowland.

Last night, however, SHM brought Rocky to Ultra Europe in spirit. The group unleashed their brand new collaboration together, an ID previously revealed on social media as “Frankenstein.” The title has proven to be fitting, because it’s an absolute monstrous collab.

Just watch.

Swedish House Mafia x A$AP Rocky

Photo via Rukes.com via youredm

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