Swedish House Mafia Cancel Yet Another Show

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Swedish House Mafia’s return has been anything but what we wanted. With cancellations, still no music, and lots of cash grab merch, our fears that their reunion was just for money seem to be substantiated.


The trio just cancelled on their latest festival, Weekend Festival in Finland. Their explanation cites “production issues,” which is just vague enough.

Weekend Festival shared the news on its Instagram, as SHM geo-targeted the post. “Unfortunately, the Swedish House Mafia release is correct,” reads the caption. “We are currently looking for a replacement artist. Annoying to take away, but yes, they still get a party.

“We announce the replacement artist asap.”

SHM were scheduled to play the festival tomorrow. Their next scheduled performance is at Ushuaia in Ibiza on July 26.

Image by Hannes Soderlund via youredm

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