SWARM New Single,“Throw Me In The Fire”

SWARM has always been about bridging the gap between different genres in his music, but his latest “Throw Me In The Fire” aims to push that ethos to the max combining dark house, big room, and trap in a single song — and it absolutely works. Over the course of 214 seconds, the song goes from one genre to another with surprising each, each transition making use of SWARM’s extensive production abilities.

“This song is reminiscent of everything I loved about EDM when I first started listening,” SWARM says. “Drezo’s dark house style played a huge part in influencing the way I looked at electronic music when I started, but I never got to fully explore the house genre and truly make it my own until now.” He continues, “At the same time, I also love the wide-open dark sound of bigroom – even though it quickly died off, I knew that eventually I’d make a song with a gritty, SWARM-y bigroom element.”

The big room element comes in toward the middle/end and opens up the room in the production going from trap to a darker style, perfectly analyzing and utilizing the advantages of the genre and pushing the less desirable elements to the side. “With festivals coming back this year, I felt that now is the perfect time to give everyone something that reminds me of why I fell in love with electronic music to begin with – but making it heavy, dark, and very much ‘me.’ Using my own vocals for the first time in this project just made it that much more special.” Yep, debut SWARM vocal track, too. “Throw Me In The Fire” is out now, check it out below!