SWARM Drops New Futuristic Metal/EDM Hybrid, “I’ll Never See The World”

SWARM has carved out such a strong and unique sound for himself that if we were to start a new Mount Rushmore for producers, his songs alone would sculpt out his image in the stone. With strong influences from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Celldweller, and more, he’s brought that energy to his songs time and again. With his new song “I’ll Never See The World” featuring Brian Lenington, with whom he’s previously worked on another one of his best tracks, “Silver Ghost” with Lektrique, that energy is in full force. The bassline is relentless and aggressive, but never oppressive. It’s harshly emotional and bleeds a sort of matured angst and anguish that can only come from someone needs to create as an outlet. SWARM leaves it all on the table with “I’ll Never See The World,” laying himself bare. This is sure to be a favorite for fans new and old alike. Listen below now.