SWARM Beckons The Darkness In Devilish New EP, “Eat Me Alive”

Sometimes, an artist’s persona or brand aren’t accurately reflected in their music. It’s an issue of mismanagement, a disconnect, or poor planning. None of that is true of SWARM. His newest EP, Eat Me Alive, is everything great about him in six devilishly delicious packages. Eat Me Alive is one of those rare EPs that feel like it definitely could have been an album. Everything in it flows seamlessly from one track to the next, never compromising on tone or direction. Though the genres ebb and flow in concert with the progression of the project, it’s never jarring or out of the blue.

Beginning and ending the EP with features from Soundr is also another terrific effect of endcapping your work, providing a sense of coming full circle. In between, he has the audacity to deliver these perfectly lush soundscapes that bounce between dark electro, midtempo, and even some elements of techno (see: “All Hope Is Lost”).

SWARM’s desire to “create something that lasts longer than EDM” is readily apparent in every note, every little accoutrement and detail in sound design. This EP resonates more like something from Celldweller (whom SWARM has remixed) than anything you’d hear right now at a festival bass stage.

Overall, I think EDM has the tendency to be somewhat shallow – and understandably so. While some might associate EDM with flower crowns, happiness, and neon colors, SWARM would like you to consider eyeliner, dungeons, and various shades of black.

Call that mission accomplished. Listen to Eat Me Alive from SWARM below.