SVDDEN DEATH Unleashes Harbinger EP: A Sonic Odyssey on VOYD Imprint

After months of anticipation and teasing, SVDDEN DEATH proudly reveals the full 8-track offering of his Harbinger EP, now available via his VOYD imprint. Following the recent release of the single “Forgive Forget” on January 12th, the complete EP showcases the diverse and relentless energy that has become synonymous with SVDDEN DEATH.

In a rapidly evolving music scene, SVDDEN DEATH, also known as Danny Howland, stands out in multiple ways. Positioned at the forefront of the new age of dubstep, he defies convention with a unique blend of plates and unreleased songs accumulated over the past two years since the drop of his experimental album, VOYD Vol. II. The Harbinger EP is a carefully curated collection of tracks designed to both inspire and unsettle listeners and peers, showcasing the producer’s unwavering and relentless energy.

Immerse yourself in the world of SVDDEN DEATH, where sonic possibilities are infinite and limitless. Enhanced by profound and intricate visuals, the EP is accompanied by a meticulously crafted storyline that elevates the entire experience.

The Harbinger EP is a sonic odyssey, inviting enthusiasts to explore the boundless creativity and innovation that SVDDEN DEATH brings to the table. As the VOYD imprint continues to be a platform for avant-garde musical expressions, SVDDEN DEATH once again proves why he remains a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of dubstep.