SVDDEN DEATH just dropped his new song ,”SLB 2021″

It’s been about 8 months since SVDDEN DEATH last dropped something new, most recently putting out “Utah” and also incorporating his vocals into a track for the first time. That was back in August last year, but now we have a new single and it’s one fans have been waiting to stream for actual years. According to SVDDEN DEATH, his new song, “SLB” (which stands for “shitty long boi”), has been a plate for almost 4 years and the second drop is actually a hybrid of “SLB” and another old ID called “Doom.”

— SVDDEN DEATH (@svddendeath) April 14, 2021

SVDDEN DEATH said about the release, “I genuinely didn’t think I was ever going to release this but yesterday I was like why not. I literally am not doing anything at all today…so here it is.”

Right now, you can stream the song on SoundCloud or Bandcamp, and all proceeds from sales with be donated to ocean conservation efforts.

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